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Super Smart Ways to Stop Spam Comments on Your Blog

Super Smart Ways to Stop Spam Comments on Your Blog. If you have a blog , you'll have to face some spam comments. Spammers are always active in the blogging world to drop website links on other people's blogs through their spam comments with the expectation of getting some extra traffic and rank higher on Google. Getting relevant comments on your blog is good as it helps build community and establish a relationship with your readers. It demonstrates the engagement of the readers in your blog.  So, most bloggers enable comments to their sites to encourage readers to make them engaged more.  When new bloggers get comments with praise, they feel happy. "Amazing content!", " nice post!" are some phrases they used to praise you.  However, many of them are not aware of its damaging side.  What's that? Spam! Unsolicited advertisements, links to undesirable & illegal content, or dangerous links. Read: Best Internal and External Linking Guide to Bloggers In m
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Quora: Grow Your Blog with this Great QnA Platform

Quora: Grow Your Blog with this Great QnA Platform. Choosing the right platforms to grow your blog's traffic is difficult. If you're struggling to select platforms that provide the best opportunities for your blog, I'd recommend your presence on Quora. Yes, Quora is a great platform to reach out to a wider audience regardless of your blogging niche . Whatever may be your target audience, not only you'll find them but with high-quality. That's why millions of professional content marketers spent time here. In this article, you'll find- What Quora is about Why should you choose Quora as part of your social media strategy 7 irresistible benefits of Quora with statistics How to create an account with Quora What Spaces in Quora and how to use it to grow your blog And more. What is Quora? Quora is the largest QnA website founded by two former Facebook employees Adam D'Angelo and Charlie Cheever in June 2009.  I repeat the term "QnA" which means Question

How to Spy On Your Rival's Blogs (Plus Key Benefits)

How to Spy On Your Rival's Blogs (Plus Key Benefits). In layman's terms, Spying on your rival's blogs is a way to watch the activities associated with digital marketing. The term ''Spy'' used here to mean watch, observe, analyze, and research in ethical ways. Research on your competitor's blogs is important to achieve your blogging goals. SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis of your rivals helps you build a solid content marketing strategy.  Analysis of rival blogs ( also known as Competitor Analysis, Competitive Research, and Spying) is a process of comprehending the strategies of your competitors (including content creation and marketing strategies).  In this blog post, you'll learn the importance and benefits of spying on your competitors and different and effective ways to do it. You'll find available tools that can help you carry out competitor intelligence. Spying is an art and part of digital marketing strateg