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How to Get 344,292 Monthly Pageviews On Your New Blog

  How to Get 344,292  Monthly Pageviews On Your New Blog. Driving traffic to the blog and increasing pageviews is a big challenge for many. I'll put here the evidence of incredible Pageviews of this new blog, so you don't think it's April Fools. I'm telling you seriously, getting 344,000 monthly is not difficult if you follow certain things. You're going to learn some critical lessons from this long-form piece. Techazu was born on August 28, 2020, with its first article '' Blog's Passive Income ''. So the age of this blog is a little more than 7 months.  Up to the end of February, the average monthly page views of the blog were about 2,000.  Since 13th March, I have noticed that the daily page views are 10 times more than the monthly pageviews and 100x more than average daily pageviews. I was predicted that page views of March would exceed 200,000. I shared that experience with you in the article on Blog Statistics published on this site.  When
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How to Use Schema Markup to Get Rich Results

How to Use Schema Markup to Get Rich Results. Most of the new bloggers are not familiar with Schema markup and rich results. Implementing this markup has a massive impact on the visibility of your content on search pages. The purpose of using schema is to  add  structured data markup to help  Google and other search engines. You've learned hundreds of SEO elements in the beginner's SEO guide . I'll teach you through this article the easy way to get your pages eligible for rich results by adding schema markup.   Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps users find your content easily out of tons of content available on the web. SEO  is an essential task for webmasters to help Google know the content. You should consider  s chema markup as a part of your SEO strategy.  It helps search engines understand your content better by using structured data.  Google use s tructured data to know the meaning and context of your web pages.  Schema markup helps Google display better results

Mind-Blowing Fresh Blogging Stats You Should Know

Mind-Blowing Fresh Blogging Stats You Should Know. If you're looking for the current blogging statistics for 2021, this is the right place.  Going through the mind-blowing stats on blogs, bloggers, and blogging will help build a solid content marketing strategy.  I've compiled here the latest facts, current statistics, and new blogging trends. Blogging is not merely an online diary today. Business houses wisely use blogs for lead generation, customer creation, education, and retention.  It is an effective and powerful tool to reach the global audience and to influence and engage them. This article would help you make a dynamic plan to create the best content, publish on the right platform at the right time, and promote your content in the right way to succeed. Blogging Statistics 2021 Why should you know about ''Blogging Statistics''? Knowing the statistical data is vital for many reasons.  Blogging statistics help understand some crucial aspects of the blogging