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The Best Way to Deal with Duplicate Content for SEO

The Best Way to Deal with Duplicate Content for SEO. Duplicate content can hurt SEO and ranking. So, you may lose traffic. So, fixing the issue of duplicate content is an essential part of SEO. There are several ways to fix the issue. The best way is not to create it intentionally. But, the problem is your site may contain duplicate content even if you did not create it intentionally. And Google may discover it easily beyond the way you think.  So, before publishing content, checking your site with an effective tool is the smart way to eliminate or fix duplicate content. How to deal with them depends on the type of duplicate content your site contains. This article will help you understand the meaning of duplicate content, the reasons for its existence on your site, and the ways to fix the issue. Let me explain first the meaning of duplicate content. What is Duplicate Content? Duplicate content means the content of a  webpage that's similar to the content of other location(s) or UR
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Google Adsense: The Easy Way to Make Money From Your Blog

Google Adsense: The Easy Way to Make Money From Your Blog. Google Adsense is the popular way to make money from your site. So, before connecting your blog to AdSense, you need to know the pros and cons. This article will help you understand how to get started with it. There are several methods of blog monetization. Then why should you choose it as a source of earning money from your site? Most people will answer- ''it's easy''. I agreed, but other reasons are also there. It can't be denied that Google Adsense is the strongest and most popular advertising network. But, if you don't know how does it work and when to apply for it, you may have to face a complicated situation in the future. You'll get the answers to the most common questions about AdSense along with my practical experience that'll help you avoid common mistakes. The content also covers the ways to maximize your Adsense revenue.  Let me start with what Google Adsense is. Google AdSense Ap

Mobile SEO: How to Optimize Your Blog for Smartphones

Mobile SEO: How to Optimize Your Blog for Smartphones. Mobile SEO is an attempt to get optimized a blog/website for smartphones and tablets to improve users' experience (UX).  The purpose of mobile optimization is to ensure that mobile users have an optimized experience for their mobile devices. It enables your site to fit in all screens- smartphones, tablets, and desktops. In other words, you need to design your site for small screens like iPhones and androids. Mobile optimization is essential, irrespective of the type of your site. Usually, website design, structure, page speed/load time are considered to ensure a quality mobile user experience. With the increasing trends of mobile searches, Google and other search engines are using innovative techniques for providing better results to the users. Those who are regular readers of techazu will have noticed that the articles related to on-page SEO on this site have shed light on mobile optimization.  '' SEO Guides for Beginn

How to Get 344,292 Monthly Pageviews On Your New Blog

  How to Get 344,292  Monthly Pageviews On Your New Blog. Driving traffic to the blog and increasing pageviews is a big challenge for many. I'll put here the evidence of incredible Pageviews of this new blog, so you don't think it's April Fools. I'm telling you seriously, getting 344,000 monthly is not difficult if you follow certain things. You're going to learn some critical lessons from this long-form piece. Techazu was born on August 28, 2020, with its first article '' Blog's Passive Income ''. So the age of this blog is a little more than 7 months.  Up to the end of February, the average monthly page views of the blog were about 2,000.  Since 13th March, I have noticed that the daily page views are 10 times more than the monthly pageviews and 100x more than average daily pageviews. I was predicted that page views of March would exceed 200,000. I shared that experience with you in the article on Blog Statistics published on this site.  When