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How to Launch a WordPress Blog Now

How to Launch a WordPress Blog Now. This article is the ultimate solution to launch a money-making Blog on WordPress in a moment.  WordPress  dominates the content marketing system with a market share of around 65% . You'll get the right guide on how to start a professional blog on the most popular CMS platform, even if you've zero experience. Trust me,  no programming, coding, and web designing skills are required to start a blog on WP.

Fall in Love with Website Audit Adventures

Fall in Love with Website Audit Adventures. Website Audit helps measure the performance of your blog, identify technical problems, suggest solutions to improve rank on Google search. What more you want? Traffic analysis? Yes, it can do that. Website Audit is an integral part of SEO. Image-Pixabay   If you know the undeniable reasons why periodical website audit is essential, you will fall in love with the adventure.  In this article, I'm going to explain the incredible benefits of website analysis that help boost the rank of your blog.  You'll get the pinpoint analysis of the traffic that helps understand the user's experience. Therefore, in the beginning, diagnose the problems of your site and pages with the help of a website audit.   You'll be at the forefront by identifying all issues as they come up.   The website audit report of Techazu done by SEOptimer   Besides identifying problems, an efficient website audit points out ways to resolve them. Before it became

Skyscraper Technique of Directory Submission

Skyscraper Technique of Directory Submission. Directory submission is an essential element of off-page search engine optimization. Directory submission is an online process of submitting your website URL, along with other information, on different web directories. The process of d irectory submission involves submitting URLs, domain names, descriptions, keywords, and other relevant information about your website. Further reading: Super Simple Guest Posting Guide for You  The purpose of submitting your site to a web directory is to get backlinks and some other benefits. It helps enhance the rank of your site on Google search or any other search engine. Link building is essential for off-page SEO . The link profile of your site is one of the factors of Google ranking. Directory submission provides backlinks that help boost the rank of your blog on the result pages of search engines. But, finding high authority directories is one of the most critical tasks. Another aspect is to list

Blog Commenting: Create Do Follow Backlinks Every Minute

Blog Commenting: Create Do-Follow Backlinks Every Minute. Blog commenting  is one of the components of  off-page SEO . This creates backlinks that help to rank your web pages and site. So you've got a basic idea of what blog commenting is all about. Blog Commenting on do-follow sites. Image credit-Pixabay Without going into the meaning of blog commenting, I'd like to enrich this article with its methodological aspects.  Blog commenting is one of the easiest ways to create backlinks. What is a backlink? A backlink is a hyperlink of your website or any page of it that is present to another website. When you comment on the page of another blog, you are submitting the URL.  If the blog owner approves your comment, it will be displayed along with the link you've created. As a newbie, you may surprise if I ask about the attribute (Rel value) of the link. Rel value is important. It tells you what benefits you will get from this backlink. Often, it is referred to as

How Free SEO Tools Boost Blog's Performance

How Free SEO Tools Boost Blog's Performance. A blog's performance depends upon many factors. The use of SEO tools can improve the quality of web pages. There are tons of free SEO tools available. But, choosing the right one to boost the quality of each specific element is crucial. Each element requires the help of SEO tools. Even, after publishing, for promoting content [off-page SEO], you need the help of tools. This article is meant for those struggling to find the right tools. Boost Blog's Performance with Free SEO Tools. Image credit-Pixabay Are you struggling to find the appropriate SEO tools for creating quality content? Okay, then you are in the right place. Search engine optimization helps boost the ranking and other performances of your blog. But the manual process is not easy, specifically for new bloggers. The Content Title Generator Title Analyzer Keywords Research Placement. Text Analyzer [writing assistant] Grammar and Spell checker Word counter Sentence stru