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How to Launch a WordPress Blog Now

How to Launch a WordPress Blog Now. This article is the ultimate solution to launch a money-making Blog on WordPress in a moment.  WordPress  dominates the content marketing system with a market share of around 65% . You'll get the right guide on how to start a professional blog on the most popular CMS platform, even if you've zero experience. Trust me,  no programming, coding, and web designing skills are required to start a blog on WP.

Fall in Love with Website Audit Adventures

Fall in Love with Website Audit Adventures.

Website Audit helps measure the performance of your blog, identify technical problems, suggest solutions to improve rank on Google search. What more you want? Traffic analysis?
Yes, it can do that.

Fall in love of website audit adventures with techazu
Website Audit is an integral part of SEO. Image-Pixabay


If you know the undeniable reasons why periodical website audit is essential, you will fall in love with the adventure.

 In this article, I'm going to explain the incredible benefits of website analysis that help boost the rank of your blog. 

You'll get the pinpoint analysis of the traffic that helps understand the user's experience. Therefore, in the beginning, diagnose the problems of your site and pages with the help of a website audit. 

You'll be at the forefront by identifying all issues as they come up. 

The website audit report of  techazu done by SEOptimer
The website audit report of Techazu done by SEOptimer


Besides identifying problems, an efficient website audit points out ways to resolve them. Before it became difficult to solve, find a way to fix it. 

Conduct a systematic, periodic audit of your site. It ensures proper maintenance and optimization of your web pages.

The success of your blog depends a lot on the user experience. Google attaches the most importance to user experience. Webmaster Guideline has clearly stated this.

Importance of Website Audit

A website audit helps keep your blog updated at an optimized level. It won't do search engine optimization directly but help to do it so that you can always maintain your site.

You may ask why your site needs to be audited, even though it is well-optimized as per the webmaster's guidelines. My dear, SEO is not a one-time job. 

Do you think once your site ranks on the first page of Google, it is permanent? Not at all. Your page rank may fluctuate due to many reasons. That's why you need to check and optimize your site frequently. So SEO is a continuous process. 

I'm submitting here 2 real examples to understand it better.

Example 1

You know, techazu turned one month old. You may have noticed that I've changed the theme of it. I've audited the site 5-6 times during this period. 

After posting the content when I checked the performance in Lighthouse, the other score was correct, but the accessibility was zero. I found the hidden solution in changing the theme of my site, that's why I did it. 

Example 2

In my first article,'' How to start a passive income generating Blog'', I've shared my experience with the domain, which I bought from GoDaddy. Several audit reports identified a critical 301 redirect issue. 

Since I'm not a coder, I couldn't find an alternative to fix it. Today I got a hint in another report to solve this.

Hope you understood why website audit is so important. Not doing the periodical website audit is a dangerous blogging mistake.

What is the Process of  Website Audit?

The website audit is a process of analyzing and measuring specific criteria that search engines use to determine the ranking of websites in search results. 

This starts with scanning or crawling your pages to find out technical errors and SEO-related issues and ends with the audit report.

An efficient site audit program crawls your page like Googlebot does. For that, it has to consider hundreds of parameters.

How do I conduct the audit of my Website?

As the process is so complicated, conducting a manual audit of your site is difficult. So you need to use site audit tools. It doesn't matter whether your site is a technical blog or others. For website audits, you need tools. 

You will find many free site audit tools online. Most of these do partial audits. New bloggers are satisfied with auditing their site with the help of these. 

It is not my intention to write the name of hundreds of tools. If so, I would have named this site "Tektul" instead of Techazu. 

I will talk about the tools that are tested, effective, and I use them. If they work for me, they will definitely work for you.

 I've mentioned the name of the related free tools in each article. Apart from that, I've posted an article on free tools that can boost your blog performance.

Now, let me name some parameters that an audit tool analyzes.  The parameters can be divided into two groups- internal and external.

Internal Factors include:
  • Meta-information 
  • Page quality 
  • Page structure
  • Link structure
  • Server configuration, etc
External factors include:
Directory listing
Social media presence
Social media popularity
Broken links, etc

If I write the name of subcategories and micro categories, the list will become much bigger. I'm mentioning here a few of them.
  • Page speed
  • Duplicate content
  • Page errors
  • Pages blocked [ by robots.txt]
  • Canonical URL
  • Crawlability 
  • Hreflang 
  • Charset encoding 
  • Favicon frameset 
  • Apple touch icon 
  • HTTP redirects

Audit of Traffic Behavior

Is there any auditing tool that can conduct an Audit of the traffic behavior of my site?

Regarding traffic analysis, I'll tell you about the Goldmine available on the dashboard of the Bloggers Platform. It's a Google product for traffic analysis and it's absolutely free. Yes, I'm talking about Google Analytics. 

Get every data about your page viewers. Real-time data such as visitors per minute even per second are available in this lovely tool. You can check here the following:
  • Top location
  • Top Referrals 
  • Top Referrals 
  • Top Social Traffic 
  • Top Keywords

Traffic audit of techazu with Google analytics tools
Google analytics tool for real-time traffic analysis

It's is a perfect tool for tracking each activity of the organic as well as paid traffic visited on your site. You'll get lots of information and data about the traffic behavior of your site. Organic traffic means the traffic visits your site, for which you're paying nothing.

From Google Analytics, you'll get the following reports :
  • Total traffic visited on your site in the current month
  • Total traffic visited on your site in the previous month
  • Number of traffic visited on your site today
  • Number of traffic visited on your site yesterday
  • Real-time page viewers
  • Page-wise visitors
  • Total impressions
  • Total Clicks
  • Bounce Rate
  • Country from where they've visited
  • Types of Devices [desktop, mobile] and versions
  • Keywords used for searching
  • Browsers used
  • Sex and age of visitors
  • Many more.

Recommended Tools to Conduct Website Audit

If you like to pay for the site audit tool, choose Ahref or Semrush. But if you have trust in free audit tools, choose from the following list:

For traffic analysis, the only recommendation is Google Analytics. 

Besides Google Analytics, I mostly use Seobility for non-traffic factors. 

Look at the screenshot. This is the content audit report [overview] of this page. I used Seobility to get the SEO audit report of this content.

done by Seobility

Apart from this, I check the performance of my sites with Lighthouse. I think you understood how to do the audit of your website and how to check the SEO elements of each page. 

Affiliate Disclaimer: Some of the links are attached with affiliate programs that means if you buy any product or service using the links, you will get a small commission. 


Love to conduct a regular audit of your website since it is the only technical solution to maintain a healthy website. Whatever auditing tools you use is not the issue. 

You need to check your site every week with the help of an SEO checker or audit tool. Make sure that no critical SEO issue is there. That's the objective of your website audit.

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