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The Best Way to Deal with Duplicate Content for SEO

The Best Way to Deal with Duplicate Content for SEO. Duplicate content can hurt SEO and ranking. So, you may lose traffic. So, fixing the issue of duplicate content is an essential part of SEO. There are several ways to fix the issue. The best way is not to create it intentionally. But, the problem is your site may contain duplicate content even if you did not create it intentionally. And Google may discover it easily beyond the way you think.  So, before publishing content, checking your site with an effective tool is the smart way to eliminate or fix duplicate content. How to deal with them depends on the type of duplicate content your site contains. This article will help you understand the meaning of duplicate content, the reasons for its existence on your site, and the ways to fix the issue. Let me explain first the meaning of duplicate content. What is Duplicate Content? Duplicate content means the content of a  webpage that's similar to the content of other location(s) or UR

How Free SEO Tools Boost Blog's Performance

How Free SEO Tools Boost Blog's Performance.

A blog's performance depends upon many factors. The use of SEO tools can improve the quality of webpages. There are tons of free SEO tools available. But, choosing the right one to boost the quality of each specific element is crucial.

Each element requires the help of SEO tools. Even, after publishing, for promoting content [off-page SEO], you need the help of tools. This article is meant for those struggling to find the right tools.

Free seo tools boost blog performance
Boost Blog's Performance with Free SEO Tools.
Image credit-Pixabay

Are you struggling to find the appropriate SEO tools for creating quality content?
Okay, then you are in the right place.
Search engine optimization helps boost the ranking and other performances of your blog. But the manual process is not easy, specifically for new bloggers.

The Content

  1. Title Generator
  2. Title Analyzer
  3. Keywords Research Placement.
  4. Text Analyzer [writing assistant]
  5. Grammar and Spell checker
  6. Word counter
  7. Sentence structure
  8. Image Analyzer
  9. Image compressor
  10. Link Analyzer [Backlink Checker, Broken link, Do-Follow / No-Follow]
  11. Speed Analyzer & Website Audit
  12. Other Free Tools [ Screen Capturing & Recording, Social Media Marketing & Management]

Title Generator

Let me start with the headline or title of your articles. Create a headline as enticing as possible
How to create an enticing title for your blog post?
Without wasting a lot of time, go to, a free title-generating tool.

Title [Headline] Analyzer

Analyze various aspects of the title with a coschedule. It's a great tool. Enter your headline to the specified box, and click on the analyze button. You will get the result within a second. That's amazing.

I love to boost my web page's performance with a free tool like Coschedule.

Coschedule Headline Analyzer analyzes the following:
  • Common - Uncommon words
  • Emotional words
  • Readability
  • Sentiment
  • Title length [words and characters]
  • Headline SEO score etc.
Make sure your SEO score is 60+.

Title Analyzer free SEO tool

Free Keywords Research Tool.

Keywords are the words that internet users use while searching for specific queries. Before making the headline of the article of your article, you need to do research on it.
Many free keyword tools are available online. I'm providing two of the top free tools, you can use any of your choices.  
The first one is the best SEO tool, as it has many other features.

Text Analyzing Tools.

Analysis of text content involves many activities from the SEO perspective. Choices of words, type of sentence, length, and format, readability, keyword density are to be considered together.

I'm providing a few incredible free texts analyzing tools, each of them has distinct features.

This is a fantastic tool for content writing. It highlights sentences in different colours. For example, sentences with yellow colours indicate lengthy sentences. Therefore, shortening or splitting the sentences will improve the quality of writing.

Hemingway app free ON-PAGE SEO tool

The red colour is an indication of a highly dense complicated sentence. Additional features like word count, use of adverb, and passive voice are included.

It's an online writing tool that helps to make your writing clear and perfect. Both free and premium versions are available. The free version of it will help correct spelling and basic grammatical mistakes.

Wordcounter is ideal for word counting. Additionally, you'll get the benefits of analyzing paragraphs, sentences, and the density of words.

Image Optimizing Tools

[Free Stock photos, images, and videos]

Image optimization includes the use of a quality image, image compression, name of the image file Alt text, etc.

Millions of stock photos, images, illustrations, and videos are available here. Hats off their collections.
Pexels may be considered as an alternative to pixabay. A variety of collections are available on this site.

You may find some good-quality images on this site.

Background Remover -You Can remove the image background automatically within a few seconds.

Slazzer is another online background removal tool you can use.

Image Editor

Image Compressor

Link Analyzer [Backlink Checker, DoFollow / NoFollow, Broken link] 


Blog Performance Analyzer [speed, accessibility, SEO score, best practice].

It is a free tool to analyze the speed of a website with lots of updated features.
Audit your website with the help of this tool. It will measure different elements of core web vitals. The latest version of 2020 emphasizes 3 aspects of users' experience. 
These three aspects are:
  • LCP [ represents loading performance]
  • FID  [ represents interactivity of usres]
  • CLS [ represents visual stability]

free core web vital measure SEO tool
Screenshot of measure core web vital

WebVitals are important matrics for healthy websites.
Largest Contentful Paint (LCP): Measures the speed at which a page’s main content is loaded. This should occur within 2.5 seconds of landing on a page.

First Input Delay (FID): Measures the speed at which users can interact with a page after landing on it. This should occur within 100 milliseconds. 

Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): Measures how often users experience unexpected layout shifts. Pages should maintain a CLS of less than 0.1.

Other Tools

Screenshot and screen recording

It's really awesome. I'm using it. You will find many features of this free tool.
Capture and save the screen on it. Downloading features also available. Edit and share the record or images with the links provided. Screen Capturing Options are available, you can choose according to your need.

Capturing Options are:
  • fullscreen
  • visible part
  • selected area
Output formats: JPG, PNG, PDF
Saving, Sending, and Sharing
Save your images or videos in the specified folder on it. Even you may copy it for pasting on the desired location. Send your screenshot or screen record to different destinations, like Trello, Asana, GitHub.
If you want to record video [ mp4 formats] and share it, no additional tool is required.

Social media Marketing and Management Tools

It is now essential for every blogger to promote their content on different leading social media for SEO as well as business growth.

However, posting content on many social platforms, monitoring them, and interacting with the audience requires a lot of time. Therefore, the only solution to manage each platform to find robust free tools. That can save you time and effort.

I have an article on this topic with a list of free powerful tools on my old blog. You can choose one or more social media marketing and management tools from this link. Awesome Social Media Marketing Tools 2020

Apart from these tools, you need a site checker, page explorer, link checker to conduct a periodical Website Audit.

Final Words

The purpose of creating this content is not to load the tons of free tools available online. I have compiled the SEO tools that are essential for the new bloggers to perform a blog and will increase the quality of the content, webpage, and site. 

If you still need an advanced SE tool, give feedback in the comment box. Most of the picks I use myself. Hope you enjoy the article and benefit from using the tools.

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