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The Best Way to Deal with Duplicate Content for SEO

The Best Way to Deal with Duplicate Content for SEO. Duplicate content can hurt SEO and ranking. So, you may lose traffic. So, fixing the issue of duplicate content is an essential part of SEO. There are several ways to fix the issue. The best way is not to create it intentionally. But, the problem is your site may contain duplicate content even if you did not create it intentionally. And Google may discover it easily beyond the way you think.  So, before publishing content, checking your site with an effective tool is the smart way to eliminate or fix duplicate content. How to deal with them depends on the type of duplicate content your site contains. This article will help you understand the meaning of duplicate content, the reasons for its existence on your site, and the ways to fix the issue. Let me explain first the meaning of duplicate content. What is Duplicate Content? Duplicate content means the content of a  webpage that's similar to the content of other location(s) or UR

Robust Off-page SEO to Getting Miracle Benefits

Robust Off-page SEO to Getting Miracle Benefits.

Robust off-Page SEO can outsmart competitors that bring miracle benefits to your website. For that, you have to go outside your blog. You must have read the previous articles and become proficient in On-page SEO

You know that there are two aspects to search engine optimization. 

One is related to activities inside your website, such as image optimization, speed optimization, keywords research, and placement, etc. This is called on-page SEO.

Off-page SEO techniques for bloggers
Bloggers solution for off-page SEO. Image -Pixabay

Other is related to activities outside of your website, such as link building, content marketing, etc. This is called off-page SEO.

Do you know any other difference between the two?

On-page is related to the improvement of your site and pages, whereas off-page is related to the presence of your site, content in the online world. Get ready to be a superstar by absorbing the ins and outs of off-page SEO.

Although the tasks of off-page optimization are related to link building, some non-link 
factors have a significant impact on the ranking of your blog on SERPs. For example, the online presence of your domain name or brand without a link. 

Niel Patel said rightly, ''Off-page search engine optimization is not just about links, it goes deeper than that.''

The Content

  • What is off-Page SEO?
  • Importance of Off-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO Skyscraper Techniques
  • An Amazing Tip on Content Title
  • Final Words.

What is Off-page SEO?

Off-page or off-site Seo refers to the activities to be performed outside your blog to rank your pages higher on the search engine results page [SERPs]. It informs Google what's the opinion of the users about your website. 

These activities include social bookmarking, commenting, video making, guest posting, advertising, and so on. In short, if any content, page, brand name, or URL of your webpage presents on another website not owned by you, it is called off-page search engine optimization.

 Importance of off-page SEO

Some new bloggers overlooked the importance of off-page SEO. They put their heart and mind towards page seo. It renders numerous benefits that help to succeed in your blog. Here is the overview of five key benefits.

Off-page SEO strengthens the online presence of your website and content. As a result, your brand awareness grows, and your brand is gradually established.

Off-page SEO helps increase your site's credibility to users. You need to enhance credibility, which is very important for the success of your blog.

One of the best sources to get traffic is social media. In addition to the direct audiences, traffic includes those to which content is shared or referred. This is the reason why corporate houses are crowded through social media.

4.Domain authority
Effective off-page seo strategy helps increase your Domain authority. High Domain authority increases the fame of your pages and website to the audience.

5.Better visibility [search engine ranking]
When you search for a topic on Google, some results are displayed on the first page. These are the pages with the highest SERPs rank by Google. Users always prioritize and click on the top listed content.

There will be very few crazy users who will ignore the results on the first page and search on the next pages. So focus on off-page SEO to increase visibility in Google search. The same rule applies to search engines other than Google. 

Therefore, the higher your page's rank, the more likely users will see your website while they search their quires on Google.

Off-page SEO Skyscraper Techniques

  • Directory submission
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Article Submission
  • Guest Post
  • Forum Posting
  • Blog Commenting
  • Video Uploading
  • Image submission
  • Google my business
  • Ppt/pdf document submission
  • Email campaign
  • Question Answer
🌐Directory submission:
You've probably seen old-fashioned yellow pages or telephone directories. Web directories are similar to those. Web directories are designed to list millions of different categories of websites. Directory Submission is a popular off-page Seo technique.
Directory submission is a method of submitting your website URL and its details on the web directory under a distinct category. This is a technique that helps grow your link building. Submit your blog to the reputed web directories.

🌐Bookmarking on Social Media: 
Social bookmarking is an excellent technique to build links and generate tons of organic traffic. However, while selecting the sites, their domain authorities and types of backlinks are to be taken into consideration.

🌐Forum Posting:
Forum Posting refers to your online participation in different forums for discussion on relevant topics. You can post your opinion on different threads of other people or open threads and invite the audience to participate. 

For the opening thread, make an appropriate title, and place accurate keywords. Strictly adhere to the rules of each forum.

🌐Article Submission
Article submission is one of the most effective, popular, and easily accessible techniques of off-page SEO. Article submission has a tremendously favorable impact on your blog. It's a 3 steps process that may not be suitable for beginners. 

The 3 steps involved are- registration with each site, article submission, and approval of it. The benefits of the article submission are listed below:
  • improvement of writing skill
  • reputation building
  • content promotion
  • traffic generation
  • ranking of the articles and blog
My favorite article submission sites are:
  • my
  • and
🌐Guest Post
Guest posting is an online documented procedure to build high-quality backlinks to your blog.  Guest posting means you post your content on sites owned by others. It attracts the attention of a massive audience and escalates to the peak of search engine rankings. It helps boost brand awareness and build a trustworthy online presence.

🌐Blog commenting
Blog commenting is one of the easiest methods, that's why many new bloggers jump in it. Blog commenting as a part of off-page SEO renders the following benefits:
  • Build relationships by reviewing the topic of the article
  • Generate organic traffic if you choose articles relevant to your blog and drop a helpful comment
  • Establishes brand awareness by supplementing value regularly on relevant websites.
🌐Video Uploading
How is the idea of converting your blog content into videos and uploading them on different video sites? Definitely amazing. 

Many video platforms give opportunities to publish your video content free of cost. 
The most popular among them is youtube, which is the second largest search engine. 
Example of other video platforms is Vimeo and Dailymotion.

🌐Image Posting
What will be the extra load for posting the images, specifically those you have used on your blog-negligible. 
Of course, I'm talking about the optimized image. Pinterest, Instagram, Mediafire are the sites where you can post your well-optimized images.

🌐Google my business
This is another tip for off-page optimization. Register with Google my business and submit the required information, including images and links. Update the information regularly.

🌐Ppt/pdf document submission
Make some documents in ppt and ppt formats and post them on relevant sites like Slideshare, Mediafire, etc. Conversion of your text content into ppt or pdf formats is easy. It's a matter of a few clicks.

🌐Email Campaign
Email marketing is a powerful way to get traffic. Create a database of email addresses. Post the URLs of your websites to different mailing addresses from the database you made continuously.

🌐Question Answer websites
I Luv this technique and spend my spare time with this. Register with question-answer websites, like Quora and Yahoo, and engage with the audience. 
You can reply to the queries, ask your question, and post part of your content or whole with links.

An Amazing Tip on Content Title

When you pay close attention to QnA sites, you will see the different types of queries on a particular topic. 
You will get a content idea and creating the title of it. Find answers to relevant unanswered questions and create content on these then reply. Half the work of SEO is done!

Final Words

If you want to get success in the blog profession, you allocate 20% of your time to off-page SEO. It will produce incredible benefits. 

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