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The Best Way to Deal with Duplicate Content for SEO

The Best Way to Deal with Duplicate Content for SEO. Duplicate content can hurt SEO and ranking. So, you may lose traffic. So, fixing the issue of duplicate content is an essential part of SEO. There are several ways to fix the issue. The best way is not to create it intentionally. But, the problem is your site may contain duplicate content even if you did not create it intentionally. And Google may discover it easily beyond the way you think.  So, before publishing content, checking your site with an effective tool is the smart way to eliminate or fix duplicate content. How to deal with them depends on the type of duplicate content your site contains. This article will help you understand the meaning of duplicate content, the reasons for its existence on your site, and the ways to fix the issue. Let me explain first the meaning of duplicate content. What is Duplicate Content? Duplicate content means the content of a  webpage that's similar to the content of other location(s) or UR

How to Drive Organic Traffic to Your Blog Everyday

How to Drive Organic Traffic to Your Blog Everyday. 

Driving massive organic traffic to your blog is the key to success. Traffic is the lifeblood of your site. The common question of new bloggers is how to drive an insane amount of traffic to their websites. 

If you're new in the blogging profession, you should know that only writing excellent content can't drive traffic to your blog. 

Despite SEO can drive traffic to some extent, only SEO-friendly content is not enough. It is not the sole responsibility of search engines to drive traffic to your site. 

Then, which gear to drive traffic? You should plan to reach them. The simple answer to this question is blog promotion. 

You need to spend more time on the promotion of your content than writing. You have a lot more work to do. 

In this article, I'll show you how to attract massive organic traffic to your site. If you practice the ways I'm going to show you every day, the flow of organic traffic will be enhanced 5x within a month or two.

Since the launch of the Techazu, I've published 11 pieces of content to help new bloggers optimize their sites. 

But this content is different from those. It will show you miraculous ways to gain free traffic with little effort.

I could write and post more articles but didn't.. Why? Because my viewers need time to understand these things after they read. Furthermore, I spent the time analyzing the traffic generated in the first month.

Many new bloggers start blogging with great enthusiasm, create great content, and publish one by one. But when they notice that the traffic is not coming, they get frustrated.

Some of them apply to Google Ad Sense without any analysis after publishing 10-12 content. Later, if it is not approved or delayed in getting approval, they left the profession, thinking it was a failure.

I want to remind you that blog writing is a great weapon to earn passive income. To grow your blog, you need people, the page viewers, and ultimately the subscribers. 

So the task ahead is to drive relevant organic traffic and make them engage on your blog.

 What is organic traffic?

Organic traffic means the visitors visit your site from the result pages of different search engines like Google, Bing, etc. For getting organic traffic to your site, you don't have to pay money. 

If the traffic comes from a paid advertising campaign, it is said to be inorganic traffic. According to Alexa, organic Search increases 51% of traffic and 40% of revenue.

What is the relevant traffic?

Relevant traffic means that those who are interested in your content, consistent with their queries so, revisit your site. Your content is relevant to their search and satisfies them. In most cases, they are direct traffic.

 How do I know about the sources of traffic on my site? 

Perhaps, you know the answer. I've mentioned it in a paragraph of the content '' Fall in Love of Website Audit Adventure'' on techazu site. Read the article if you've not yet done it. Look at the bottom of this screenshot to know the different sources of traffic inflow. 

Yes, this the output of Google Analytics, the great free tool provided by Google. It's an incredible tool for each blogger for traffic analysis.

Traffic visited from an organic source, social media source, and other sources are displayed. 

Bloggers solution to drive traffic on  their site
Source of traffic-

Look at the next screenshot, you'll get a lot of information. The visiting times of the traffic, the countries from which they're coming, the device they've used, and tons of other information and data are there.

techazu's source of organic traffic

 The importance of traffic analysis?

The success of your blog depends upon three primary factors. All of these factors work together to grow your site. Let me tell you something about these three factors.

1. Blog Ranking

You've learned a lot from this blog and Edumedia's page about Search Engine Optimization [SEO] techniques. That'll help rank your site on SERPs.

2. Blog Monetization

The most common misconception among many new bloggers is about monetization. They think monetization means PPC program, they can't imagine other alternatives. I made a plan to publish an article on this topic this month.

3. Traffic Arrival and Engagement

Increasing page viewers and engaging them on your site is vital. You will find many alternatives for monetization but not for blog traffic. So you need to spend time work on this. 

Define your target audience, make a powerful strategy to promote your content. 

Allocate at least two-third of the total time for blog promotion so that you can reach your target audience. 

Analyze the traffic behavior, revise your strategy if needed.

Traffic analysis will help identify performing and non-performing content. It also helps identify the keywords they used while searching. 

Hope you understood the importance of traffic analysis. 

Now I'm moving to the simple ways of getting organic traffic mostly helps to enhance off-page SEO.

5 (Five) Amazing ways to drive traffic to your blog.

1. Quora

Find the questions related to your content. Answer to the questions specifically to tho those not yet answered. 

Your answer should contain a summary of your blog content at the end of your answer, invite them to read your article humbly. 

You can insert a link to your content but don't do that in the beginning. 

Build a relation first, let them realize that your posts are valuable to them. 

Never do overlinks so that they can think of your content as spam.

2. SlideShare

SlideShare is another source of driving visitors to your blog. You know that SlideShare is a PPT sharing platform. 

Convert your blog content to PPT format and upload it to this platform. Slide Share is an ideal place for the promotion of your content for free.

To create PPT slides, use free tools such as Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, Google Presentations [Google Slides]. 

The titles, sub-headings, important points, and keywords of your blog content are enough to create new content in PPT format. Properly link your new content to direct slide viewers to your blog.

3. Guest post

Guest posts are one of the most powerful strategies to drive traffic to your blog. You can ask why you write for others.
Okay, that's a logical thing, I'll explain a bit here.

You need links and traffic from high authority sites that will help your site rank. And to get these you need to contribute to other sites.

If you can create high-quality content, look for some reputable sites that pay for the content.

You will find many guest posting platforms at that give you both links and money in addition to website visitors.

4. Webinar Hosting. 

Webinar hosting is a great way to drive traffic to your blog. This gives you double the benefits.

Share your blog content with participants, explain why your blog should be visited by them, and explain the benefits of your content. Provide the URL for arriving at your site.

Webinar hosting is a source for collecting emails from participants. People interested in participating in your event will provide their email during the registration. 

Creating an email list is one of the most important tools in content marketing. Go one step further to promote your content via emails and encourage them to subscribe to your site. A successful Email Marketing campaign starts with a mailing list.

5. Social Media Group/Community

You will discover millions of crazy people in different groups related to your content on social networking sites. 

If your content is useful to them, a single piece is enough to drive a massive audience to your blog.

Final Words

Although there are hundreds of ways to get free and paid traffic, I discussed 5 easy ways for new bloggers. Practicing these will increase their confidence and blog traffic.

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