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White Hat SEO Practice- What, Why, How

White Hat SEO Practice- What, Why, How.

White hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practice is the only authentic way to build a sustainable blog/website. It is the ultimate solution for bloggers to succeed in their blogging profession. This is not my words all the blogging heroes will tell this.

White hat SEO practice of techazu
White hat SEO practice of techazu

Four months ago, when I launched my first blog, Edumedia, I was inspired by some YouTubers to follow the easiest method of writing blog content.

They taught me to copy the title that appears on the first page of google with a little change. SEO means spreading keywords throughout the content, including headline and description of it, I learned from them.

I was a hatless SEO practitioner at that time. I didn't know what's a white or black hat SEO. There was no idea about the indexing and ranking process of Google bots. After publishing 4-5 articles, the question comes to my mind if it is an appropriate method.

That's the turning point. I started studying SEO extensively. I spend more time learning than writing. Then I published the first article, SEO Techniques Complete Guide 2021, on my old website.

So far I've posted 10 articles on this site, mostly related to SEO. Despite there is a guideline on best SEO practices. You won't find white or black hat headings or sub-headings in these articles.

Do you know Why?

Because all the articles I've dedicated to beginners who can start without a hat. Now is the time to put on a hat when it comes to search engine optimization. Neither black nor grey, I'd recommend you to wear a white hat.

Have a look at the broad area of search engine optimization where you need to focus.

Websie (Blog) optimization- Url, Title, meta description, metatags(keywords, etc.

Content optimization- the content structure and quality including Headline, keyword density, content length,

Image optimization- image quality,size, alt attribute,title attribute, etc.

Link optimization, Speed optimization, and other SEO techniques and best practices,
Off-page SEO such as Directory submission and Blog Commenting.

What is White Hat SEO and How does it differ from Black Hat?

White Hat SEO

White hat SEO is the search engine optimization techniques, strategies, and tactics as per guidelines of Google and other search engines. You should follow the Google-approved method as it is the number one search engine in the world.

White hat SEO practice means you are practicing ethical strategies, following the guidelines of Google and other leading search engines. The primary focus of white hat SEO is on the user experience(UX).

I'd suggest you reading ''White Hat SEO tips for bloggers by Matt Cutt''. It is 13 years old article, but still worthy. There is a PowerPoint presentation on the topic that will help you to practice the white hat technique.

Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO, on the other hand, is the deliberate attempt to make Google a fool. Black hat techniques focus on the manipulation of search research results.

These techniques emphasize the short route of ranking a site. It is the practice to trick search engines and the audience.

Black hat practice is risky as Google can penalize your site, even it can ban the site.

Examples of Black hat SEO Techniques

  • Website manipulation
  • Manipulation of Url and domain name during the registration
  • Keywords stuffing- meta description and metatags of the site.
  • Duplicating meta description of others.
  • Multiple H1 Heading
  • Over-optimization of the blog and its content
  • Excessive Bold tags
  • Use of irrelevant keywords
  • Fabricated title of the content
  • Auto-generated content
  • Irrelevant content
  • Less text more Image content [ exception is image website]
  • Content stealing [copy from other's page]
  • Scrapped content
  • Cloaked content
  • Link scheme [link exchange, buying, blog commenting spam]

Read 44 black hat techniques by Razvan Gavrilas to get more knowledge.

Grey Hat SEO

The grey hat is nothing but a combination of white and black hat techniques. If you follow the partial guidelines of search engines you'll become a grey hat SEO practitioner.

Why should you practice White Hat SEO Techniques?

I want to remind you of the purpose of creating your blog. You've created it to generate a passive income-generating blog, right? So you should practice white hat and avoid black hat SEO techniques to achieve your goal. 

Now read what the experts said about white hat and black hat SEO to understand better.

In 2010, Brian Dean practiced 100% black hat SEO, including keyword stuffing, shady links, and other strategies. Later, he switched to a 100% white hat.

Black hat strategies worked initially but failed in the long run. Do you think it will work after 10 years? Certainly not. Google became more intelligent than you. And, readers are the smartest.

Google doesn't like the black hat techniques and strategies since it is an effort to trick both the search engines and internet users. That's why it has developed the algorithm to resist the black hat practice.

Another genius Neil Patel in his excellent article ''Confession of a retired black hat SEO'' shared his experience of how one of his sites grew abnormally in a month and ended up shutting it down. He concluded the article with the following statements:

''I know some of these tactics may seem cool and I may paint them to be glamorous, but they really aren’t. I am not proud of what I did and if I could go back in time and tell myself one thing… it would be that I shouldn’t focus on any black hat tactics.....''

''If I focused all of my energy on legitimate white hat SEO techniques, I wouldn’t have gone through as many sites''.

My unusual experience of traffic behavior

Now I'm going to share an unbelievable experience of traffic inflow on It's my 75 days old blog on health and wellness. 

The site has 24 content with 2 short length content. As I'm busy with writing articles for this site, I couldn't publish any fresh content on that.

The average daily viewers on the site were 30-35 till 3oth September [total 2200+ viewers]. The next day I was very upset to see only 6 visitors and was thinking of creating some more content.

On the morning of 2nd October, I was surprised to see 847 visitors in a single day. At first, I couldn't believe it. I kept refreshing the page again and again, and finally, I confirmed it through Google Analytics.

page views of techazu

A total of 858 viewers visited the site that day. I do not know the reason or explanation for this.
But, my love and trust in the white hat have increased a lot.

Look at the next screenshot

Edumediawellness page viewers in a day
                     Single Day Page viewers of Edumediawellness

I've been able to create only ten articles in the whole month for this site. But I'm proud of the quality content that I made for you.

While creating each content, I kept in mind the benefits of the readers. Every word of this content has a touch of my love for them.

I'm ending it here with the following suggestion. 

Focus on creating and running one valuable site instead of creating 10 crap sites. You'll become a blogging legend like Brian Dean or Neil Patel, in a few years.

How to follow White Hat Search Engine Optimization?

Simple! follow Google webmaster Guidelines. Violation of these guidelines means convincing Google to take action against your site.

''Writers Don't Have to be poor'', said Jon Morrow, the owner of Smart Blogger.
Jon Morrow is a successful blogger who teaches bloggers like you and me how to succeed in a blogging carrier.

He is one of the best-earned bloggers whose monthly income is more than $100000. To know more, go through the about page of his blog. I won't go to bore you more on the topic.

Perhaps you know that Google has made significant changes in its algorithms to display more accurate results to the users on SERPs. Google and other leading search engines started taking action against the sites using black hat SEO.


If you practice black hat techniques, today or tomorrow, you will lose your rank, traffic, and credibility. Even your website may be destroyed forever. Focus on the long term, create evergreen content, and be a white hat SEO practitioner- that's the ultimate solution to grow your blog naturally.

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