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The Best Way to Deal with Duplicate Content for SEO

The Best Way to Deal with Duplicate Content for SEO. Duplicate content can hurt SEO and ranking. So, you may lose traffic. So, fixing the issue of duplicate content is an essential part of SEO. There are several ways to fix the issue. The best way is not to create it intentionally. But, the problem is your site may contain duplicate content even if you did not create it intentionally. And Google may discover it easily beyond the way you think.  So, before publishing content, checking your site with an effective tool is the smart way to eliminate or fix duplicate content. How to deal with them depends on the type of duplicate content your site contains. This article will help you understand the meaning of duplicate content, the reasons for its existence on your site, and the ways to fix the issue. Let me explain first the meaning of duplicate content. What is Duplicate Content? Duplicate content means the content of a  webpage that's similar to the content of other location(s) or UR

5+1 Easy Ways to Blog Monetization-Bloggers Success

5+1 Easy Ways to Blog Monetization-Bloggers Success.  When it comes to blog monetization , most new bloggers get excited. They are interested in reading many articles on 'blog monetization' since it generates passive money. This article will help to learn powerful but easy ways to make money from your blog. Unfortunately, many new bloggers have misconceptions about creating money making blogs. Their perceptions are that monetizing the blog is more troublesome than launching and running a blog.  They are unintended to learn how to improve the quality of their websites. They're careless about the traffic generation and their engagement on their webpages.  Most bloggers create their blogs intending to get Google Adsense approval. Either they're unaware of the multiple ways of blog monetization or have a casual attitude about it. You will find many monetization advice for niche blogs. I'd like to teach you that you can't earn money, even if the site has got the app

Best Internal and External Linking Guide to Bloggers

Best Internal and External Linking Guide to Bloggers. Both internal and external linking help boost the health of your blog that  y ou've learned from various articles on  Techazu .  I have given an overview of the internal and external links in the  SEO Guide for Beginners . Both internal and external links help readers of your website to navigate to another web page. Ultimate Link Building Guide to Bloggers New bloggers have less opportunity for internal linking because of without content or less content in their sites. This article will help you understand the benefits of linking to your blog post and guide you on how to links both internal and external, along with an overview of the best practices. When I published the first content on this site on 27th July about the passive money-making blog, there was no content to do internal linking.  Techazu is now two months old, but the page viewers are 2 times more than the first month. The reason is the optimization of both internal a