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How to Launch a WordPress Blog Now

How to Launch a WordPress Blog Now. This article is the ultimate solution to launch a money-making Blog on WordPress in a moment.  WordPress  dominates the content marketing system with a market share of around 65% . You'll get the right guide on how to start a professional blog on the most popular CMS platform, even if you've zero experience. Trust me,  no programming, coding, and web designing skills are required to start a blog on WP.

5+1 Easy Ways to Blog Monetization-Bloggers Success

5+1 Easy Ways to Blog Monetization-Bloggers Success. 

When it comes to blog monetization, most new bloggers get excited. They are interested in reading many articles on 'blog monetization' since it generates passive money. This article will help to learn powerful but easy ways to make money from your blog.

Unfortunately, many new bloggers have misconceptions about creating money making blogs. Their perceptions are that monetizing the blog is more troublesome than launching and running a blog. 

They are unintended to learn how to improve the quality of their websites. They're careless about the traffic generation and their engagement on their webpages. 

Most bloggers create their blogs intending to get Google Adsense approval. Either they're unaware of the multiple ways of blog monetization or have a casual attitude about it.

You will find many monetization advice for niche blogs. I'd like to teach you that you can't earn money, even if the site has got the approval of Google Adsense unless you have adequate organic traffic.

What is adequate traffic depends upon your revenue target. In my case, I've decided not to connect Techazu with Google Adsense until the average page views reach 1000 per day. Yes, I'm talking about daily traffic.

By this time, certainly, I'd experiment with some relevant affiliate links to earn some extra cash that will help run this website.

This page contains affiliate & sponsor links, which means I'll get a small commission if you make a purchase through my links, at no cost to you.

Which one do you think difficult-Building a traffic generating website or monetization of it?
Most new bloggers will say monetization, but the reality is the opposite. Building a quality website involves more effort and time than monetization.

If you know the right ways to monetize your site, it's easy. Don't think of it as the weirdest idea about blog monetization. I will prove to you by the irrefutable reasoning why blog monetization is easy. 

This content will help you find the right direction so that you can turn your blog into a passive money-making machine. This article will guide-

  • Identify the right time to start monetization of your blog
  • Set a money-making goal
  • Select the right platforms to make money
  • Discover new ways of blog monetization
  • Create a good monetization strategy

Powerful Methods of Blog monetization-techazu
Monetization of website

How to Build a Quality Blog before thinking about Monetization? It needs a lot of effort.

To start a blog, you have to go through numerous steps that involve choosing a blogging platform, buying a domain, picking up hosting services, creating a catchy blog title, write meta descriptions, and use of metatag for which you need to do keyword research.

The next step is to focus on content creation and optimization, including image optimation and speed optimization. 

You also need to optimize internal and external links and various on-page SEO elements to fit the blog for generating traffic.

 Off-Page SEO, such as Directory Submissions, Blog Commenting, etc., are important webpages, to rank on Google search and generate traffic on your blog.

Your site needs to be monitored by a powerful Website Audit Tool. If you find any technical issue, you have to solve it immediately, otherwise, you may lose both traffic and ranking.

You'll find the 16 useful and informative articles on this website, about all those topics, till November 1, 2020.

Two questions may be moving into your mind-

1. Why did I halt publishing new content on Techazu for 20 days?
2. Why didn't I publish any content related to 'blog monetization?

Let me answer these two questions. Then I will move on to your honey topic- ''Easy Methods of Blog Monetization''.

Here is the answer to the first one- 

I have created techazu to help new bloggers about two and a half months ago. I've written many articles and published them on this site to provide knowledge so that you can build a high-quality blog.

So, after reading so many articles, if you don't get time to implement what you have learned, how can you become an expert? I want to make you an expert blogger. 

That's the reason I didn't publish any content on techazu last few days.

This does not mean that my writing and publishing work was postponed during these days.

Edumedia and Edumediawellness are two separate blogs on different niches. You'll find some articles with a length of 2000-3500 words that I published recently. 

Moreover, each content writer should spend adequate time promoting content on social media. I recently published a large article on "success" on Facebook in three episodes in the local language. 

I got a great response there. You will benefit if you read these episodes with the help of Google Translator. This article has revealed the hidden secrets of success. I plan to publish as a single content in English on Edumedia soon.

Perhaps, you didn't watch the youtube channel of Edunedia. I promote video content on several topics on that channel. 

The second question, ''why I did not publish content on blog monetization?

Don't be disappointed with the answer to this question. I don't want you to be the victim of the mistakes that most new bloggers make about blog monetization.

If you've launched your blog after the inception of Techazu, hardly you published 15-20 articles on it. Monthly traffic on your blog probably not reaches 1500-2000. 

If my assumption is right, your blog is not ready for monetization right now.

Hence, make the blog ready so that money will chase after your blog.

So, it is the right time to learn when to monetize and how to monetize your blog.

In this article, you'll get a practical approach and evidence-based ways to earn money from your blog.

When should You start  Monetizing Your Blog?

When to start a blog monetization depends upon your financial goal along with several other factors. Decide how much money you want to make from your blog. If you want to earn less than $100 a month, this article is not for you. Sorry!

According to a survey of 1,500 Problogger readers, almost 63% of bloggers earn a maximum of 100$ per month, out of which 38% of the bloggers earn below 10$ per month. Look at the detailed breakup of the monthly earning of 1500 bloggers.

The monthly earning of-
  • 38% of bloggers  < $10. 
  • 10% of bloggers  $10 - $99. 
  • 17% of bloggers  $100 and $499.
  • 7% of bloggers   $500 - $999.
  • 9% of bloggers   $1,000 -$9,999.
  • 4% of bloggers   => $10,000.
 I've started with Passive Income Generating Content and now I am highlighting this frustrating data- Why? 

Nothing to be disappointed with, I present to you the hard truth so that you can think of blogging as a serious business. Now, I'm growing to show you the solutions to make money from blogs. I'll show you another picture right now, then you'll be excited.

This is a survey report on a small group of people who are the readers of ProBlogger. But did you know about the monthly income of ProBlogger? That's Bigger than the combined income of 90% of those readers. Yep!

His present monthly income is over $40000, which means an annual income of $4,80,000 from the blogging profession, pretty impressive.

Don't be overexcited as I'm going to show you a bigger amount. Yes, many bloggers earn more than that, even 2x, I'll show you the evidence. Before that, you should know when ProBlogger was born, how many articles are there on this site, and how does it make money. 

ProBlogger was founded by Darren Rowse who started blogging in 2002.  Here is a screenshot of his site. Look at the handsome guy who is my inspiration for blogging.

Blog monetization survey Report of ProBlogger

Darren said on his blog-

''The income from those blogs was small at first – just a few dollars a week at first – but gradually grew to become a part-time job and then in late 2004 to be a full-time income''.

There are more than 8000 articles on this blog. The blog has multiple income streams such as advertising, affiliate marketing, online course selling, events, and more.

Now, if you look at the following income figures, you'll start dancing, due to excitement.

  1. Alborz Fallah -Monthly Income $125,000+
  2. Michelle Schroeder Gardner-Monthly Income $100,000+
  3. Jon Morrow-Monthly Income $100,000+
  4. Alex Nerney and Lauren McManus -Monthly Income$100,000+
  5. Lindsay and Bjork- Monthly Income$90,000+
  6. Rosemarie Groner-Monthly Income $86,000+ 
  7. Steve and Jennifer Chou- Monthly Income $80,000+

Source: Createandgo

Now, decide what kind of blogger you want to be. You can be the followers of the readers of ProBlogger or the founder of it.

If you want to be a Blogging Superstar, Set a monthly target of blog revenue over $1,000.

If you're still uncertain about when to monetize your site, look at the last 3 months' figgers of your readers. If the average page views to your blog are less than 5000 per month, continue creating, publishing, and promoting fresh content.

Yes, Publishing 50-60 unique and engaging articles with adequate length and breadth on your sites can boost traffic. You spend a reasonable time on Content marketing/content promotion.

Here are the main points you need to remember before thinking about the monetization of your blog:
  • The age of your blog is over 6 months.
  • Your site contains 50+ engaging blog posts. 
  • Average monthly page viewers to your site are more than 15000.
  • One-third of the time you spend on the promotion of content.
  • You have an effective site monitoring system.
  • You have a plan for diverse ways to monetize your website.
If all the conditions are met, try some powerful methods to monetize your blog.

How many visitors you need to depend upon how much money to make from blogging and the method of monetization you use.

 6 Easy but Powerful Ways to Blog Monetization

1. Affiliate marketing

One of the easiest and effective methods of making money from a blog is the affiliate marketing commission. Affiliate marketing means promoting the products or services of other companies via affiliate links.

Affiliate marketing is a single-level marketing system with a B2C business model that belongs to the direct selling industry. 

Select the right products that fit with your blog niche, join the affiliate programs. You will get a unique link for participating in each affiliate. Paste the link to an appropriate space in the content in which you're discussing the relevant affiliate products.

Here is an updated (10th September 2020) income report of bloggers published by a renowned Indian blogger, Anil Agarwal on his site, Bloggerspassion.

Easy method of Blog monetization, Affiliate marketing -techazu
Income Report Of Bloggers-Screenshot of Bloggerspassion

Look at the websites getting over $100k /per month. The major contributor to the blog revenue is affiliate income.

You will get a commission if your readers make purchases of products or services through the affiliate links. Affiliate commissions from domain hosting, seo tools, and software products are the most popular among bloggers. 

Affiliate programs usually offer 5%- 75% commission depending on the affiliate platform and individual product. Affiliate Commission in Amazon Associate is low, but the conversion rate is high. 

You'll find tons of affiliate platforms but select only renowned brands. Your credibility to the audience is crucial. The scams and fraudulent affiliate programs are there, so you shouldn't promote an affiliate product without judging the authenticity and reputation of the brand. 

You can learn the Best Lessons about Affiliate Marketing on my other site.

2. Monetization with MLM link. 

You might be wondering to know about blog monetization through Network Marketing/Multilevel Marketing (MLM) link. Here, you're going to discover an incredible way to make money using your blog. It's a little-known way to make money from a blog.

Of course, I'm telling you about the legitimate MLM companies.

If you read the comparative study of Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing on Edumedia, you will be crazy to monetize your site via MLM. 

Make sure you're in the right company, the products are useful, and the marketing plan is designed to reward the most to its markers.

Be careful about choosing the company as many illegal Pyramide Schemes may prompt you to join. 

You will not fall into the trap of a pyramid scheme if you examine the following parameters before joining an MLM company:

  • The company is at least ten years old and a reputed brand.
  • The company operates the business in at least 100 countries, including European Countries- wherever it's origin is not the issue.
  • It is a member of the DSA (Direct Selling Association).
  • The company deals with physical products and has its own manufacturing facility.
  • Commission distribution is based on product movement and not on recruitment.
  • Facilities for online joining, online buying, and online payment are available.
  • Prompt delivery of products.
For the additional investigation, you may collect information on Investment in Infrastructure, Charity, Donation, Awards, Honor, etc.

To ensure financial success, you need to appraise the marketing plan/ compensation plan, specifically direct commission, indirect commission, leadership commission.

If you're a big dreamer like me who wants to turn the dreams into reality. Make sure their payout structure includes residual income and lucrative awards/rewards that can fulfill your dreams.

If all the conditioned I mentioned here are met, I'm sure that you're representing a genuine company that can contribute values to society.

Monetization of your site through MLM is more powerful than affiliate links since it can generate multiple incomes. 

Apart from the links to the landing page, you have to provide your ID numbers to your prospects. Without an Id number, a prospect can't buy a product or join an MLM company. 
So, don't hesitate to promote MLM products or business through your blog. If you think finding a company with such a strong profile is difficult, I can help you.

Here is the incredible profile of a company that you can verify.

tiens international health park

  • 25 years Old company celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2015 in Nice, France (Guinness World Record).
  • Business in 190 countries with thousands of branch offices in 110 countries.
  • The company is a platinum member of the World Federation of Direct Selling Association (WFDC).
  • It has its own manufacturing units in several countries across the world.
  • The company is an Official Supplier to the United Nation.
  • The company deals with health care, personal care, home care, and beauty care product.
  • Besides MLM, it has the business of Hotels, University, Hospital, Tourism, Logistic, eCommerce, and more.
  • You can earn 25%-60% of each sale resulted from your personal efforts as direct income with additional 10%-15% offline retail.
  • Indirect income from the sale of your business associates (down lines) is 5%-30%, depending upon the ranks.
  • Leadership income is different in different countries. In India, it is 7% of the Country turnover. 
  • Free International Tour for beginners and leaders (target-based).
  • The award program includes a luxury car fund and villa fund ranging from $2,00,000 to $3,00,000.
  • The compensation plan includes a percentage of  Global Turnover (turnover of 190 countries) as a residual income.
If you realize that the Company is strong and decide to join, use the ID number 88307164

I've been working for 16 years in this company. I'm a successful international leader and motivational coach. This is not the right place to tell my success story, but you may find it in my Facebook profile.

A R Mollah, Key to Success
The Golden Key to Success.

Sponsor ID 88307164

3. Freelancing

Integrate freelancing services into your blog. Offer your services to your potential clients. Since you are running your own blog you have gained some skills.

For example, you've skills in website designing, content writing, SEO, and maybe more. Monetize your skills through Freelancing to earn more money.

I think you may have worries about getting your client. So, I will not end this paragraph without giving information about the source of client mobilization.

Become familiar with freelancers and freelancing jobs before moving ahead.

Here are the 4 powerful sources to get freelancing clients.

I.Your website

Your website/blog can be the strongest client-generating platform if you create the pages efficiently. A portion of your readers is your potential customers. 

Make the ''About'' Page of your site more informative so that the readers know about the services you provide.

Create a new page with an appropriate Title like ''Hire Me''. Describe your expertise, mention everything about what you do. You can add a profile, testimonials, customer's appreciations, rating, and whatnot.

II. Freelancing Marketplaces

There are many freelancing marketplaces such as Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, Guru, from which you can get both clients and traffic. But, if you like to get quality clients, I'd suggest focusing on job boards.

IV. Freelance Job Boards 

Apparently, you may think a freelance Job Board is similar to the freelance marketplace, but in reality, it is different due to its special features. Clients post jobs on Job Boards to find freelancers. It looks quite similar to the classified ads.

Job Boards are popular among freelance bloggers and considered the ideal places as it is hassle-free.
Usually, job board platforms are free, meaning you don't have to pay the platform fees. 

Moreover, signing up, creating profiles, bidding contests, rating contests -job boards are typically free from all these hassles. After all, you will find well-paid clients here.

Although lots of Job Boards are there, I'm providing links to the 5 most suitable sites. You will get more on Freelancinghacks. Here are the five Boards-

III. Email

Email is a powerful channel you should use to send your freelance proposal to your prospects. It is not only lead generating tools; it can help convert your one-time buyer into a permanent client. 

It helps to generate extra traffic to your site and establish your brand. So, focus on writing the killer email proposal to get the attention of quality customers.

IV. Social Media

You are using social media platforms as part of your content marketing strategies. Let the readers and followers know about your freelancing services. Yes, without additional efforts, you can get clients from social media.

Offer your services continuously to several Social platforms, such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, etc. You have to promote your service to inform the audience about your services. 

Amateur Bloggers look for shortcuts, but you have to take action like professional bloggers for making money from your sites.

If you want to learn more about freelance blogging, read the articles of Elna Clain. Her story is indeed inspiring. She started freelance blogging from scratch. Now, she has several money-making freelance sites. I know about four.

Make money with freelancing blogger Elna

4. Sell Ebook

Turn your blog posts into ebooks and sell them to ebook market places. Selling ebooks is one of the easiest ways bloggers can choose to monetize their blogs. 

Creating an ebook is simple. The new bloggers can do it easily. Making money from Ebooks involves three simple steps-
  1. Convert your blog posts into ebook formats.
  2. Create a gorgeous cover for each book with a sexy Headline and Image.
  3. Fix a reasonable price and Publish.

If your niche is about blogging tips like mine, create ebooks on your niche. But your target audience will be limited to a small group who are also bloggers, specifically newbies. So, to widen ebook readers, expand the area of coverage, including marketing tips. 

Publish your ebook on Amazon Kindle and earn 70%-80% of the selling price. If you want to keep 100%, use your blog to sell the books. Learn from the expert bloggers how to create ebooks and monetize them using their websites. 

Here is the screen of Shoutmeloud, founded by Harsh Agarwal, an Indian Blogging legend who introduced himself as an accidental blogger. Selling ebooks is one of the major income streams of this blog.


5. Create Digital Course and monetize It

Design online course on Marketing, Blogging, Self-development, or whatever you like. Course relevant to your blog niche is a perfect selection. A great way to monetize your blog is to sell online courses.
The popularity of digital courses or online courses is growing fast. You might say it's because of the Pandemic. One of the reasons is definitely the Covid-19 pandemic. But You shouldn't overlook the massive changes in the reader's tastes.

Internet users are looking for an innovative, lengthy, and ultra-modern type of content. One of the best ways to meet this increasing demand is to design a digital course and monetize it. Online Courses will increase your income as well as the reader's satisfaction.

Providing knowledge and skills through a digital course will help establish yourself as an authority in your field and develop a community of like-minded people around your profession.

But, you should design the courses based on your niche related topic.

Like most bloggers, don't hold back from creating courses because you don't need to be an expert in the beginning.

You are now publishing regular content on the blog so you are a content writing expert. Teaching people through this article
This means the content of one thousand words length has to be converted into 5000+ words.

Exhibit your existing content to the audience in a new way by incorporating more information, detailed explanations, real-life examples, success stories, and by mixing logic, emotions, and more so that it creates value for them.

Decorate your content like a wedding bride and bring it to fresh breath. There is no need to charge a course fee. Alow to get it free to the readers in the beginning. Watch their reactions, analyze each reaction of the audience, and get feedback on what is needed to improve the course.

Modify the course if needed, according to the requirements of the audience, then monetize it if with confidence.

Further reading: How to create an online course published by Wix Blog.

6. Advertising

You must have noticed the title of this blog post, instead of 6, it is ''5 +1'', plus 1 signifies the monetization through ads. I differentiated it because it's special and most popular with bloggers, especially new ones.

If you are a passionate blogger, think of Ads as a passive income. One of the characteristics of passive income is that it takes time to start earning. But it continues throughout life. And, after death, your heirs enjoy this.

 Did you ever think about the nature of income from toll plaza?

You can't earn money from a toll plaza even it is being completed 99.99%. To make money from it, you have to complete the project 100 %.

If you are farming to earn an active income, you can cultivate potatoes- you'll make money after 2-3 months, which is the one-time income. If you want to make money next year, you have to plant potatoes again.

In the case of farming mango, you will not get income within two months. It may take even two years to get the yield. But the same tree will produce income year after year for you and the next generation.

When we talk about monetization through advertisement, the name of Google automatically comes as Google Adsense is the best. But, if you don't get approval for any reason, there are many alternative ad channels with better offers.

Furthermore, there are many methods of advertising. CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per mile) are common. I will create separate content on this. 

I can't say right now whether It will fit to publish on this site or on Edumedia. If you subscribe to that site along with techazu, you will get a notification.

Most people think that adding some PPC ads will be an excellent way to make bundles of money, but the reality is not like that.

According to Entrepreneur, if your blog doesn't have 10,000+ visitors per day, the revenue will be marginal. The real income will start here until you exceed 100,000 visitors per day.

So, you should believe that the daily visitors to your blog can be one thousand, ten thousand, even a hundred thousand. But your site needs time to grow. 

It will turn into a toll plaza when you start getting an insane amount of engaging traffic to your site. But it is not possible overnight.

Final Words

The rule of success is the same in blogging as in any other field. Continuous hard work and patience are essential for the growth of the blog. Focus on value creation to increase traffic and engagement in the blog. Then the blog monetization will become easy.

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