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Mind-Blowing Fresh Blogging Stats You Should Know

Mind-Blowing Fresh Blogging Stats You Should Know.

If you're looking for the current blogging statistics for 2021, this is the right place. Going through the mind-blowing stats on blogs, bloggers, and blogging will help build a solid content marketing strategy. 

I've compiled here the latest facts, current statistics, and new blogging trends.

Blogging is not merely an online diary today. Business houses wisely use blogs for lead generation, customer creation, education, and retention. 

It is an effective and powerful tool to reach the global audience and to influence and engage them.

This article would help you make a dynamic plan to create the best content, publish on the right platform at the right time, and promote your content in the right way to succeed.

Blogging Statistics 2021

Mind-Blowing Blog stats

Why should you know about ''Blogging Statistics''?

Knowing the statistical data is vital for many reasons. Blogging statistics help understand some crucial aspects of the blogging world. 

Blogging statistics help run your blogging activities in the right direction. Based on significant stats, you can make the right decision and predict the future.

Through statistical knowledge and data analysis, you can draw the right conclusions and make strategic decisions. 

It helps to know what is happening and what is going to happen in the world of blogging.

Furthermore, content punched with the latest statistical data can improve its quality since these are considered the evidence. 

According to Statistics by Jim, 
''Statisticians offer critical guidance in producing trustworthy analyses and predictions. Along the way, statisticians can help investigators avoid a wide variety of analytical traps''.
So, a full-time blogger should know the latest blogging statistics to understand the trend, analyse the blogging environment, and predict the future of blogging. Blogging stats help you draw the correct conclusion.

In this extra-long content, I cover the recent statistics about business blogging 2021 that includes the following:                                    👇

                                     Words: 4000+  Reading Time: 14 min 50 sec 

  1. The number of blogs and blog posts statistics
  2. Blogging Platforms statistics
  3. Blogging goals statistics
  4. Headlines/Titles statistics
  5. Blog Posts length statistics 
  6. Content format statistics
  7. Visual content Statistics 
  8. Blog Posts writing duration statistics
  9. Content Posting-Frequency statistics
  10. Blog traffic statistics 
  11. User's behaviour statistics 
  12. SEO statistics 
  13. Guest blogging statistics
  14. Blog Earning Statistics  
  15. Blogging link statistics 
  16. Blogging ranking statistics 
  17. Voice search statistics 
  18. Local search statistics 
  19. Mobile Optimization statistics 
  20. Most Successful Blog
  21. Top 3 Indian Bloggers 2021(monthly income $50,000 plus)
  22. Miscellaneous Blogging Statistics
  23. The New Blogging Trends
  24. Bloggers Challenging factors
  25. Final Thought.

          1. Number of Blogs and Blog Posts Statistics 

          How many blogs are there in the world and How many posts are published daily?

          I'd like to start with the number of blogs as of 2021. Here, you'll get the answers to some common questions- How many blogs are now on the web? How many people do blogging? How many blog posts are published daily?

          In 1999, there were only 23 blogs in the world and now the number of blogs is in hundreds of millions.

          As of today, Over 600 million blogs are there out of 1.83 billion websites in the world, which means more than 1/3rd of the websites are blogs. The notable point is that the number is increasing continuously.

          Every year 2.5 billion blog posts are being published. That means the average number of blog posts published each day is more than 6.9 million. 

          Source: Growthbadger

          As per Quoracreative, 80% of websites now use blogs.

          2. Blogging Platforms Statistics 

          If you want to start a new blog, you should understand how to choose the best blogging platform. There are several blogging platforms from which to choose the best one that's a difficult task. 

          Which one is right for you depends on the purpose of starting your blogging and many more factors. The following information may help you choose the right platform.

          Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger(aka Blogspot), Wix, Squarespace, and Medium are the market leaders. 

          FirstsiteGuide found the following activities of different platforms- 

              WordPress  – 75 million sites

              Tumblr  – 510 million blog accounts

              Blogger (Blogspot)  – 657,000 blogs

              Wix stats – 180 million users

              Squarespace stats – 2.5 million websites

          You can check the live blog posts written and published each day on InternetLiveStat.

           3. Blogging Goals Statistics 

          Setting goals are crucial in every field. Every blogger should have certain specific goals. Without strategic goals, your blogging journey will be directionless. 

          The common blogging goals include brand awareness, driving traffic to your blog, readers engagement, lead generation, customer acquisition and retention, etc. 

          The following stats on blogging goals help understand why most bloggers blog:
          • Brand Awareness- 82%
          • Lead Generation-74%
          • For improving customer acquisition-71%
          • For establishing thought leadership-68%
          • For customer engagement-57%
          • For driving traffic-57%.

           4. Headlines/Titles Statistics 

          The headline of a blog post is one of the crucial on-page SEO elements. The headline or title of the blog posts has a significant impact on the Click-Through Rate (CTR).

          Blog Headline statistics will help you create the best headline for your blog posts.
          • 58% of bloggers craft 2 to 3 headlines before finalising one. (Orbitmedia)
          • Titles with 6-13 words attract the highest amount of traffic and most consistently. 
          • Headlines that include the word “photo(s)” performed 37% better than headlines without this word.  (Hubspot)
          • Keeping your headline within 6-8 words can increase your CTR by 21%(Optinmonster).
          • Odd-numbered listicle headlines outperform even ones by 20%. Headlines with eight words received a 21% higher click-through rate than average. (Content Marketing Institute)
          • Emotional headlines get shared more. (OkDork)
          • Titles with negative words perform 30% better than the average, and 50% better than headlines with positive words. (Growth Badger)

          5. Blog Post Length Statistics 

          What should be the ideal length is one of the controversial topics. According to the length, blog posts are typically classified as ''shorts'' and ''long''. 

          The problem is, how do you define the terms long or short blog posts. There are many opinions.

          I like the method of classification of Buzsumo. They've classified blog posts into 4 categories-short, medium, long, extra-long.

          Over 52,000 sample blog posts, the number of posts of each categories are as below:

          •     Short (less than 1,000 words) – 39,136
          •     Medium (between 1,000-2,000 words) – 10,688
          •     Long (between 2,000-3,000 words) – 1,868
          •     Extra Long (more than 3,000 words) – 1,202.

          Buffer said- 

          The ideal length of a blog post is 7 minutes reading with a word count of around 1600. The ideal width of a paragraph is 40-55 characters.

          Stats of Sword and the Script shows-
          • 55% of bloggers write blog posts with an average word count of fewer than 1000 words.
          • 20% of bloggers write blog posts with an average word count of 1500 plus.
          • Majority of bloggers' opinion is content with word count 2000 plus gives a great result.

          Backlinko found the average first-page result on Google contains 1,890 words.

          Long-form content with 3000 plus words gets the most shares. (FirstsiteGuide).

          High performing long-form content with 3000 plus words
          High-performance content with 3000 plus words. Image Credit- Firstsite Guide.

          Content with 3000 plus words is super important. It is confirmed by several studies, including Moz and Ahref.

          Extra-long articles with 7,000 words drive almost 4 times more traffic than articles of average length with a count of 900-1,200 words. (Semrush)

          Bloggers who earn above $50,000 per annum say that their most popular articles are long-forms with an average word count of 2424. It's 83% longer than the lower-income group. (Growthbadger).

          The statistics suggest long-form content help increase traffic and engagement.

          Neil Patel confirmed all of his articles are 4000+ words. Eventually, within a year, the number of monthly visitors crossed 100,000.

          6. Content Formats Statistics 

          • The top 3 content formats published in 2019  are-
          1. how to articles-77%
          2. news and trends-49%
          3. guides and ebooks-47%
          • Content with images gets 94% more views compared to text content.
          • 71% of bloggers use visual content as part of their content marketing. strategy
          • 19% of bloggers use video in their blog posts.
          Source: Blogtyrant

          7. Visual Content Statistics

          If you find 2 pieces of content on the same topic on the search page - one is with visuals and another is without, what do you like? Content with visual.

          Readers like visual content.

          Visual content includes images, screenshots, graphs, charts, infographics, memes, and more. There are many scientific reasons people prefer visuals.

          You can understand visual presentation easily. They are easily memorable too. As several tools are available on the internet, designing compelling visuals is no more difficult for new bloggers.

          Visual-based content can drive more traffic to your site. Visuals can attract social media users. Visual content published on social platforms gets more ''like'' and ''shares''.

          The following statistics show the incremental use of visuals and their impact on content marketing efforts:

          • Content with visuals can get 94% more views than content without visuals.
          • 71% of bloggers use visuals as part of their contentment marketing strategy.
          • Video content is 50x more likely to drive organic traffic compared to text content.
          • 43% of consumers prefer to get video content from digital marketers.
          • 32% of bloggers say visuals forms of content are essential for their business.
          Source: Optinmontstar

          In 2019, 74% of the marketers surveyed by Venngage reported that more than 70% of their content contained some form of visual. That's a 10.5% increase over the previous year.

          The common types of visuals they use as per the survey report of Venngage are -
          • stock photo 40%
          • original graphics 34%
          • videos and presentation 14%
          • charts and data visuals 8%.


          Visual content stats 2020
          Image source-Venngage

          8. Blog Posts Writing Duration Statistics 

          How much time should you spend writing a blog post? It depends!
          The length of content, its format are the two primary factors.

          According to the statistics shown by OrbitMedia,
          • The average writing time of blog articles has been increasing consistently year after year and settled near 4 hours.
          • Bloggers spent around 4 hours writing a blog post in 2019 and 2020. Investment of time in writing a blog post has increased 65% over the last 5 years.

          Blog content length stats
          Image source-Orbitmedia

          Bloggers who spend more time per article are more likely to get great results than those who spend less time.

          56% of them report excellent results when they spend 6 hours writing a blog post.

          9. Blog Content Posting-Frequency Statistics 

          Blog posting frequency varies from business to business. The ideal blog post frequency depends upon your business goal and many other factors.

          You may think of publishing 1-2 articles weekly if the purpose is to create brand awareness. But if your goal is to get traffic to your site, you should post at least 3-4 articles per week.

          I have mentioned the number of posts as an example here. These are not considered ideal numbers. 

          The ideal number depends on you. If your purpose is to increase traffic, you should post more frequently.

          Weekly 3 times posting is the sweet spot for boosting both- traffic and brand awareness. (Expresswriters) 

          • As per statistics, the businesses that post 16 or more articles get 3.5x more traffic compared to those who publish less than 4 posts/ month. 
          • 44% of bloggers publish 3-6 blog posts per month.

          Without compromising quality, the more posts you publish, the more likely you are to increase traffic. (Orbimedia).

          10. Blog Traffic Statistics 

          Driving traffic to your site depends upon several factors that include the quality of content, frequency of posting, content promotion strategy, etc. 

          If you create high-quality long-form pieces of content and spend time on promotion, boosting traffic is a matter of time.

          About six months ago, I published the first article on this site. 

          I've shared my practical experience in that article. I mentioned the blogging mistakes I made previously.

          Yes, I've started this site with How to Start a Blog to earn Passive Money.

          As of 28 Feb 2021, the average monthly pageviews was around 2000 only. In this month, I'm expecting 200,000, which means a 100x increase. 

          Why I am expecting this? Look at the screenshot here:

          Techazu's pageviews stats

          You will be surprised to see the incredible increase in traffic after 6 months on this site.

          The previous day's traffic was 5000 plus, which is twice as much as last month's visit. And yesterday it was more than 24000.

          Today in the morning session, it was 3000 plus viewers are there. You will be surprised to see the screenshots below.

          Techazu's page views on 15 March 2021

          Traffic flow of techazu

          So, blogging is a serious business, and it takes time to grow. To earn passive money, you need patients. Hope you understood why should you follow the guidelines of techazu.

          Now, look at the following blog traffic statistics:
          • 55% of bloggers say driving traffic is their primary goal.
          • Publishing 24-51 articles can boost traffic by 30%.
          • Publishing more than 51 posts can increase traffic further up to 77%.
          • According to Hubspot, content with a word count of 2250-2500 gets more traffic.
          • Blog posts with 6-13 words headlines can attract the most traffic.
          • 76% of bloggers measure their success based on organic traffic.
           Source: Expresswriters

          75% of blog traffic is stills generated by older posts. (Quoracreative)

          11. User's Behaviour Statistics

          Write content for users. Define your audience and understand their preferences, habits, and behaviours. 
          • 77% of internet users read blog posts regularly.
          • The readers spent 37 seconds (average) reading a blog post with a word count of 1151. 
          • Nearly 63% of users consider blogs with multiple authors trustworthy.
          • 36% of readers like to read articles with list-based headlines. 
          Source: Expresswriters

          61% of people made a purchase after reading recommendations on a blog post. (Databox)

          Quoracreative found-
          • 43% of readers have a habit of skimming blog posts. 
          • 36% of readers find a blog post with case studies as credible.

          12. SEO Statistics 

          Most of you are familiar with On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.Google, Yahoo, and Bing are some of the popular search engines. SEO statistics help you build an effective strategy to make your site visible in response to the relevant searches. 

          According to SMA Marketing-
          • 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. 
          • 60% of clicks go to the top three websites in search engine pages.
          Other Statistics relating to search engines are-
          • The search engine market share of Google is 92.04%. (Wikipedia)
          •  44% of marketers say creating quality blog posts is their biggest challenge. (Inc)
          • The average length of top-ranking content is 1140-1285 words. (BetterMarketing)
          • up to 80% of searches ignore sponsored post favouring organic content.
          • 95% of users never go past the first page of Google's SERP.
          • Half of the search queries are 4 words or longer.
          • 83% of bloggers do keyword research, and 26% of them do it for every article.
          • 34% of bloggers use the analytics of each blogpost (Expresswriters).
          • Frequency of checking analytics as of September 2019- 32% say always, 26% say usually, 26% say occasionally, and the rest say never or rarely. (Statista)

          Related Topics:

          13. Guest Blogging Statistics

          Guest blogging is a popular tactic of off-page SEO. Unfortunately, most new bloggers don't realize the benefits of it. Guest posting helps establish your brand, get backlinks, increase traffic.

          • 60% of bloggers engage in writing 1-5 guest posts per month.
          • 3% of bloggers write more than 100 guest posts.
          • 79% of editors report guest posts are too promotional.
          • The demand for guest content is higher in summer.
          • 6% of bloggers use most of their original blog content as guest posts.
          Source: Optinmonstar

          14. Blog Earning Statistics 

          As per 80:20 Rules of marketing, the earning of 20 % of people is more than the rest 80% of people. It is due to the difference in efforts. In blogging, it comes to 95:5.

          Only 5% of bloggers earn a full-time income from their blogging efforts. (Meerakothand).

          How much that 5% of people earn? Beyond the imagination of bloggers belongs to 95%. Look at the following earning stats:

          The following blogs earn over a million dollars per month.
          • HuffPost: $41.67 million/ per month
          • Engadget: $3.96 million per month  
          • Moz: $3.74 million per month
          • PerezHilton: $3.44 million per month
          • Copyblogger: $2.75 million per month
          • Mashable: $2.5 million per month
          • TechCrunch: $1.87 million per month.

          Banner Ads and Affiliate commissions are the top two sources of blog earnings.

          The two main ways bloggers get paid through ad networks are CPM (Cost per1000 impressions) or CPC (Cost per click). (Wpressblog)

          Most popular ads network

          • Adsense – no monthly minimum page views are required to apply.
          • Sovrn – no monthly minimum page views are required to apply.
          • Adthrive – a minimum of 100,000 monthly page views is required to apply.
          • Mediavine –  at lear 25,000 monthly page views are required to apply.

          15. Blogging Link Statistics 

          The effective link building strategy helps accomplish your blogging goals. Most new blogger neglect this aspect of SEO. Internal and External links enhance content quality and improve UX. It helps Google better Crawling and Indexing.

          Websites with a blog get 97% more links (Optinmontstar).

          The link pointing to your website is one of the top 2 ranking factors (Searchengineland)

          External linking is the third most important ranking factor-(Databox). 

          24% of bloggers spend more time on internal link building, 34% on external link building, 42% on both internal and external (Databox)

          Long-form content can get 77,2% more links than short-form (Hubspot).

          According to USERP,
          • Google Ranking#1 page get 3.8x more backlinks compared to the page ranked in 2nd or 3rd position,
          • 75% of all webpage have no external links
          According to Moz,
          • Listicle articles are the highest backlink gainers compared to others.
          • Long-form content with 3000 plus words gets more backlinks compared to articles with below 3000 words. 
          According to Quoracreative, 
          • 23% of social media posts now include a link to a blog post 

          16. Blog Ranking Statistics

          Ranking on Google is a common goal of bloggers. Apart from quality content, there are over 200 Google ranking factors. You should focus on the most important factors.

          According to the study of Ahref-
          • 60% of the sites that rank top 10 are over 3 years old.
          • Among the pages published in the first year, the probability of appearing in the top 10 of Google search nearly 6%.
          • 92.96% of global traffic is generated by Google (Google search, image, and map).
          • 69.7% of the searches are four words or more.
          • 90.63% of pages fail to generate organic traffic from Google.

          Backlinko founds-
          • Fast loading pages have a greater probability of ranking than slow-loading pages.
          • Pages with lower bounce rates rank higher in Google search than with a higher bounce rate.
          • Exact match anchor texts influence search ranks.

          17. Voice Search Statistics

          Voice search means you can search by voice instead of text. Since launching, its use has been increasing. Voice search users are the highest in the USA.

          Voice queries have increased by 3400% since 2008. (SMA Marketing)

          As per the prediction of eMarketer, the number of voice assistants may reach 135.6 million in 2022, which is 40.2% of the US population.

          According to Wordstream-
            • 52% of the users keep their voice speaker in the living room, 25% in the bedrooms, and 22% in their kitchens. 
            • 72% of voice speaker owners use their devices as an integral part of their daily lives.
            According to Backlinko,
            • 70.4% of voice search results come from HTTPS sites.
            • The average voice search phrase contains 4.2 words against 3.2 words for the text search.
            • The best voice search ranks come from the high authority(DA) sites, with strong link structures.
            • Mobile queries include 20% of voice searches. 

            18. Local Search Statistics

            Two popular voice search terms are ''where to buy'' and ''near me'' in mobile queries. As per the data of ''Think with Google 2019'', cited by Hubspot, these
            two search phrases-
            • ''where to buy'' and ''near me'' have grown by over 200% in the past two years.
            •  60% of smartphone users have contacted a business directly using the search results such as the "click to call” option. 

            SMA Marketing compiled the following statistics related to local search-
            • 50% of users who perform a local search on their smartphone visit a physical store within one day.
            • 86% of people look up the location of a business on Google Maps.
            • 80% - 90% of shoppers read online reviews before buying a product.
            • 72% of consumers who perform a local search visit a store within 5 miles of their current location.

            19. Mobile Optimization Statistics

            Mobile SEO of your blog is crucial. In several articles on this site, I've talked about mobile SEO. 
            The following stats will help you understand why mobile SEO is important
            • As of 2020, video accounts for 63% of mobile traffic. (Smart Insights)
            • 58% of users use a mobile device for Google searches. (Search Engine Land)
            • 87% of smartphone owners daily use search engines. (SMA Marketing)
            Hubspot cited data from (Think with Google, 2019)
            • 39% of smartphone users are more likely to browse or shop using a brand’s mobile app since it’s easier or faster to make a purchase. 
            • 60% of smartphone users have contacted a business directly using the local search results such as the "click to call" button.
            Since 2012, there was a consistent growth of smartphone users and has crossed 3.5 billion in 2020, estimated to reach 3.8 billion in 2021. Statista 2021.

            To improve mobile SEO, 62% of B2B marketers and 51% of B2C marketers have optimized their blogs. (SMA Marketing)

            20. Most Successful Blog

            Most successful blog in the world- (life and politics)

            Huffington Post is the most successful blog in the world, founded by Arianna  Huffington in 2005. 

            The monthly earning from this blog is $41660,000, and the estimated monthly visitors are 131.7 million. 

            Source: Blog Learners Point

            21. Top 3 Indian Bloggers 2021(monthly income $50,000 plus)

            Name of Blogger        website             estimated income/month

            1. Amit Agarwal                  $60,000
            2. Harsh Agarwal       $52,434
            3. Faisal Farooqui          $50,000

             Source: WP-ME 

            22. Miscellaneous Blogging Statistics

            • 90% of users say they leave a website because due to bad design. (Bloggingwizard)
            • By the end of 2021, the content marketing industry is expected to be $412 bn. (MTA)
            • In 2019, companies with blogs received 13X more ROI than companies without blogs (HubSpot).
            • Spending on marketing automation tools is expected to reach $25.1 billion annually by 2023. (Optinmonster)
            • 97% of bloggers use social media to promote their content. (Techjury)

            According to Marketpath, 

            • Blogs have been rated the 5th most trusted source for accurate online information
            • Pageviews, likes/ shares, and readers' engagement are the top 3 metrics considered by business blogs.
            According to Optinmonster,
            According to a Content Marketing Survey of Semrushmarketers measure their content performance as below-
            • 70% by traffic 
            • 38% on social shares 
            • 31% on backlinks.
            SMA Marketing found conversions fall by 12% for every extra second of website load.

            According to Quoracreative,
            • Approximately 200 million people have an ad blocker installed.
            • Blog posts are the best kind of content shared on Twitter
            • Women share more blog posts than men.

            23. The New Blogging Trends

            The trend is your friend. Understand the trend and adapt to the new trend.

            • Super high-quality content
            • Long-form content
            • Visual content
            • Data-driven content
            • Visual search
            • Voice search
            • Mobile-friendliness
            • Passages ranking.

            24. Bloggers Challenging factors

            Like any other field, bloggers face challenges. Orbitmedia found the typical blogging challenges that include :
            1. Finding time for content creation and promotion -52% of bloggers
            2. Getting enough traffic -47% of bloggers
            3. Creating high-quality content consistently -38% of bloggers  
            4. Creating adequate content -32% of bloggers
            5. Bringing relevant topics -19of bloggers.
            Source: Orbitmedia

            25. Final Thoughts

            Analysis of different blogging stats helps you create blog content as per the present-day (2021) requirements. 

            Based on the analysis of all the satistical data, I'd like to give some special so that you can move in the right direction. Here are the tips:

            • Do keyword research before creating content
            • Create quality content with 3000 plus words
            • Add a few images and embed videos
            • Keep your articles updated
            • Publish 3-4 articles per week.
            • Promote your content regularly.
            The success of blogging depends on getting massive organic traffic, achieving a higher rank of search results, and effective monetization of your blog.

            I'm now concluding this article with pageview stats of this site for the last 4 days.
            15th March 24183
            16th March 18575
            17th March 20649
            18th March 15291 running.

            Blogger Stats pageviews of techazu

            From the core of my heart, I'd like to wish you all success. Happy blogging.

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