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How to Launch a WordPress Blog Now

How to Launch a WordPress Blog Now. This article is the ultimate solution to launch a money-making Blog on WordPress in a moment.  WordPress  dominates the content marketing system with a market share of around 65% . You'll get the right guide on how to start a professional blog on the most popular CMS platform, even if you've zero experience. Trust me,  no programming, coding, and web designing skills are required to start a blog on WP.

How to Get 344,292 Monthly Pageviews On Your New Blog

 How to Get 344,292 Monthly Pageviews On Your New Blog.

Driving traffic to the blog and increasing pageviews is a big challenge for many. I'll put here the evidence of incredible Pageviews of this new blog, so you don't think it's April Fools.

I'm telling you seriously, getting 344,000 monthly is not difficult if you follow certain things. You're going to learn some critical lessons from this long-form piece.

How to Get 344,292 Pageviews Monthly

Techazu was born on August 28, 2020, with its first article ''Blog's Passive Income''. So the age of this blog is a little more than 7 months. 

Up to the end of February, the average monthly page views of the blog were about 2,000. 

Since 13th March, I have noticed that the daily page views are 10 times more than the monthly pageviews and 100x more than average daily pageviews.

I was predicted that page views of March would exceed 200,000. I shared that experience with you in the article on Blog Statistics published on this site. 

When I started writing this article (March 31st) at 11 pm, the total page views of this month has crossed 342,000. I'm expecting it will reach about 345,000.

Monthly Pageviews of techazu

Ultimately the page views of the month ended with 344,292 with 18,699 views on the last day. Look at the second screenshot below. 

Pageviews of techazu,31st March 2021

The crucial question is, how this miracle happened? I know the answer. Continue reading the secret of the great success will be revealed in this article. 

You'll learn the techniques of how to get around 350,000 monthly page views, even if your blog is less than a year old. Here, I'm going to show that you can do miracles too.

But, before diving into the main topic, I'd like to tell you something about the concept of ''page views'' and other related terms used in web analytics.

The common terms used in web analytics


Visitors or Users mean the readers of your web pages, often we use the term ''traffic''. So a visitor means a person that visits your site.

While counting visitors, each visitor is taken as one unit, irrespective of the number of times or pages they visit.


It is the total number of views of all visitors. This means if a visitor visits more than one page, every additional page will be counted as a page view.

For example, if a visitor arrives at a page of your site, then visited another page, and returns to the previous page, the page views will be counted as 3 pageviews. 

So the total number of views of a page by each visitor is taken into account. 

 Google Analytics defined pageviews as-

''A pageview is defined as a view of a page on your site that is being tracked by the Analytics tracking code. If a user clicks reload after reaching the page, this is counted as an additional pageview. If a user navigates to a different page and then returns to the original page, a second pageview is recorded as well''.

Unique Pageviews: 

''Unique Pageviews'' refer to the total number of views of a page in a single session by the visitors.

A unique pageview aggregates the pageviews generated by the same user during the same session. 

If a user visits a page multiple times during a session, it should be taken as one unique pageview.


Sessions are the time period specified by the web analytic tools. 

So, the time frame of a session in Google Analytics may differ from other web analytic tools. 

In Google Analytics, the duration of a session is 30 minutes.

I hope, for the purpose of this article, the terms explained above are enough.

One more important thing you should know while analyzing your site- the source of traffic. Traffic source is a metric to show sources where the visitors of your site are coming from.

The sources of traffic may be direct and/or indirect. It may be organic and/or paid. Again the sources can be classified as search traffic and social traffic.

Hope you're enjoying this article. At the same time, you're eagerly waiting to unveil the secrets of boosting page views of your site.


Now let me tell you what factors have been able to bring incredible page views to my site.

User experience (UX) is the primary factor in increasing the page views of your site. Improved UX can boost organic traffic and make them engage with your site. 

But, what user experience actually means? Continue reading.

Some key elements can enhance the user experience. Make sure that your pieces of content are-

  • Desirable
  • Findable
  • Accessible
  • Useful
  • Credible 
  • Valuable

Put it simply, make your site that your readers love to read, love to learn, love to share, love to engage, and love to revisit. Create content for the readers.

So, what are the ways to make your content users' favorable? You'll find the clues in the content published here recently.

Since the beginning of 2021, some features have been added to each piece of content published on this site. Those features contributed to boosting the pageviews of this site.

From the beginning of this year, I've created content with long-term goals. If you read all the articles attentively, you'll notice them. 

These special features include the following:

1. Long-form Content

All the articles published during this period are long-form with 2000 plus words. Some of them are over 3000 words. Long-form content offers lots of information.

Long-form pieces can enhance pageviews. They can boost organic traffic to your site from multiple sources. 

Long-form content increases social engagement too. 

Comprehensive long-form content makes your readers engaged on the page, thus reduce the bounce rate.

Longer content ensures better link exposer compared to short-form content. You can insert more internal and external links when the content size is long. 

Long content gets more backlinks. 

Relevant linking increase credibility and help users to get more knowledge and a better experience. Content and links are the top 2 Google ranking factors.

The crucial point to remember merely word counts is not matter. Content should be informative and helpful to your readers. I have discussed the importance of long-form content in several articles.

Stats on Long-form content

Lots of statistics help me go for long-form content immediately. Some of those are compiling here.

Hubspot finds that content with more than 2500 words gets the most links and shared most on social media. Long content with a range of 2250-2500 words gets the most organic traffic.

Buffer said articles with 2500 plus words get 3x more share than content with 1000 words.

According to Backlinko, long-form content gains an average of 77.2% more links than short content. Further, long-form content acquires the most backlinks.

Long-form content generates more backlinks than short-form
Long-form content generates more backlinks than short-form.
Image credit Backlinko

So, create informative, long-form, and evergreen content to gain more links, more shares, and more page views.

2. Magnetic Headlines

Spend time crafting magnetic titles of your blog posts. For each post, create 3-5 headlines and finalize the best one. 

A catchy headline grabs the attention of the users. Focus on finalizing the sweet and short headline with a good SEO score. 

Make sure the type of headline is suitable for the content. Use free tools for crafting and analyzing your headline before finalization. 

I've published content on how to write the best blog post title on this site. You'll find some significant headline stats there.

If you want to learn more and get statistics, I'd like to recommend you to read the mega research of Buzsumo. It will help you to add the most engaging headline phrases.

Headline phrases analysis

Include the impactful phrase that fits the title of your article. Include keyword(s) in the headlines of your blog posts.

3. Statistical Data

Create evidence-based content means, compiles some statistical data with proper citation/reference. 

Readers love to read the facts and statistics. 

Although there is a separate article on blog statistics, I use relevant stats to other articles too. This article includes some significant latest statistics.

Backing up my blog posts with the latest statistics is an integral part of my content marketing strategy

My suggestion is to use the latest statistics with proper citations to make them helpful to the user.

4. Visual Content

Visual content attracts traffic. I use at least one image in each blog post. Sometimes more than one. Here, the image includes a chart and screenshot. 

Visuals content grabs the attention of readers. This is one of the reasons for getting massive page views of my site. So, insert relevant visuals into your blog posts.

You'll find a separate article on visual content here with statistics and different forms of visuals.

Blogging Guru Neil Patel says, ''visual content is essential to reaching today's audiences''. 

Visual Content Stats

So, if visual is essential, it's a must. Content with visuals can generate 94% more views than non-visual content.

Our brain processes 60,000 faster than any other information. 

Visual content gets more shares and more links than ordinary text content. 

While inserting an image, use the relevant and optimized imagesIf you use images without optimization (size, dimension, formats), your page loading time will be high (bad UX).

5. Content promotion.

So far, I've published an average of 4 articles per month. I know it's not enough. I've spent a lot of time promoting every content already published, especially on social media.

I follow several FB groups where I regularly post links to relevant blog posts. I also use other social platforms like Quora, LinkedIn, and Twitter to promote blog posts.

Some of my articles became popular on Facebook. Article on Blog Commenting is one of them.

I often Repurpose some of the posts for promoting on different platforms. Social media is now a great source of traffic. I'll not be surprised if some of my pages become viral on social media.

So, allocate time for both content creation and content promotion. In the first year, you should spend more time on content distribution/ marketing than content creation.

Focus on social to build more followers and to drive more organic traffic to your site. You should follow the community rules of each social platform.

6. Latest Trending Topics 

You'll find only 31 articles on this blog most are long-forms. Some of them are the latest and trending topics. 

For example, you will get articles on Youtube Shorts, Passage Ranking, Google New Ranking Factors, and more.

So, I'd like to say, don't miss writing content on the latest topics or hot topics relevant to your niche.

There may be many more factors. I've discussed the main factors that influenced the increase in pageviews.

Three Bonus Tips:

1. Schema Markup: Recently, I've started adding schema markup to some of my published articles. It is one of the crucial factors that can increase traffic.

2. Offpage SEO: Don't neglect the crucial off-page SEO like Guest Blogging and Blog Commenting.

3. Content Updating: Most of the articles that exist on my site are updated. It helps me enhance visual effects, increase the latest/ updated statistics, and convert the short-form content into a long one. It also helps increase the number of relevant links. Content updating gives new life to your old post.

These are the factors that increase the pages of techazu. I've shared my efforts and results with you. Now whether to believe or not is up to you.

In an article on Blog Monetization, I told you to wait for 6 months, along with some other tips. I don't know if you have believed that. 


That was my prediction, but there was no evidence. The miracle happened 7 months later. 

That prediction was 99% accurate. The evidence is now before your eyes. 

So, implement what you've learned here to get 100% results. You'll create more miracles.

Based on current trends, if I estimate that my site's pageviews reach one million in a year, it wouldn't be unreasonable.

There is still a lot of work to be done, such as updating the rest of the blog posts, building additional links on some pages, and compiling statistical data on some content.

Actually, 344,292 was a half-month's page views. If the current trend continues, I'll show you the screenshot of 1000,000 page views. By that time, I'll add schema markup to all the pages.

With confidence, I'm telling you I'll complete all the pending works before the end of this month.

My immediate plan is to publish some new and hot articles on this blog. Of course, long-forms with visuals and stats. 

Subscribe to this site, you'll get special blogging tips to the inbox of your mail.

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Final Thoughts

Believing is the first step to the journey of success. Believe your site can achieve monthly pageviews of 350,000 or more. Then start the action.

I am ten months old in the world of blogging. The birth of this site and every article post has been in front of your eyes. You have seen the growth of a few months. 

If you think this is a big success in a short time, then become a regular reader. Learn carefully, and apply to your blog. The overall success of your blog will come with Pageviews.

If you find the content useful, be sure to share it with others.

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