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How to Launch a WordPress Blog Now

How to Launch a WordPress Blog Now. This article is the ultimate solution to launch a money-making Blog on WordPress in a moment.  WordPress  dominates the content marketing system with a market share of around 65% . You'll get the right guide on how to start a professional blog on the most popular CMS platform, even if you've zero experience. Trust me,  no programming, coding, and web designing skills are required to start a blog on WP.

Google Adsense: The Easy Way to Make Money From Your Blog

Google Adsense: The Easy Way to Make Money From Your Blog.

Google Adsense is the popular way to make money from your site. So, before connecting your blog to AdSense, you need to know the pros and cons. This article will help you understand how to get started with it.

There are several methods of blog monetization. Then why should you choose it as a source of earning money from your site?

Most people will answer- ''it's easy''. I agreed, but other reasons are also there. It can't be denied that Google Adsense is the strongest and most popular advertising network.

But, if you don't know how does it work and when to apply for it, you may have to face a complicated situation in the future.

You'll get the answers to the most common questions about AdSense along with my practical experience that'll help you avoid common mistakes. The content also covers the ways to maximize your Adsense revenue. 

Let me start with what Google Adsense is.

Google AdSense- The Easy Way to Make Money From Your Blog
Google AdSense Approval

Google Adsense is an advertisement program run by Google that provides you an opportunity to earn money from your website by displaying relevant ads in different formats and sizes. These ads can generate revenue per click or per impression basis.

Although there are two ways of making money from Adsense- impression-based and click-based, the latter is most familiar.

Advertisement revenue is a significant part of Google's income, although it pays a major portion of the revenue to the content publishers.

This advertising program was launched by Google in June 2003 and is now the most popular ads network.  As of 7th May 2021, there are over 39 million websites that use Adsense.

Google pays 68% of the revenue it earns from your site and keeps only 32%, which is less than one-third of the total revenue.

Table of Contents

  • How Does Adsense Work
  • How to maximize your Adsense Income
  • How to get started with Google Adsense
  • How much can You Earn from Adsense?
  • Automated Ads/Auto Ads
  • How to maximize Your Adsense Income
  • Adsense Best Practices 
  • How to get paid 
  • Why do some site owners recommend the alternatives to Adsense?
  • My personal Experience
  • Important Adsense Stats
  • Final Thoughts.

How Does Adsense Works to Help Bloggers

Google Adsense program is designed to help content publishers earn money. It is one of the best ways to monetize your site. 

It is a great source of income especially, for the small blog owners that don't have adequate alternative sources to earn significant money.
Contextual ads are displayed to the websites that participate in the Adsense program. For placing ads, Google considers several factors, including content type, geographical location, and more.

Different sizes of ads can be displayed depending upon the content. Further, different forms of ads like text, simple images, animated images, audio, and video ads are placed.

Google Adsense is device-friendly. Ads can be displayed on desktops as well as mobile devices in including tablets.

How to get started with Google Adsense

Getting started with Adsense costs nothing, which means it's absolutely free. Another good news is signing up and the application process in Google AdSense is quite simple. 

The process of application involves creating an Adsense account, getting approval, and inserting small code into your website pages. 

If you use WordPress (self-hosted), you can use a plugin for the placement of code. In Blogger, you need to do the job manually.

The advantage of the Blogger platform is its dashboard. You can use the monetization tab for connecting your site to your Adsense account and manage it from there.

As a blog owner, though applying Adsense, you're willing to request Google to your space for displaying ads in exchange for money.  But you need to get approval from Google. 

When you're confident that your site contains sufficient pieces of unique and long-form content, you're getting a reasonable amount of daily traffic, and your blog complies with the Adsense Policies, you're fit to apply.

On receiving your application, Google will review your site and informs you if your site is ready. This may take several weeks.

 Google will inform you if there are issues. You have to fix the issues and re-apply to get the site approved. As soon as you get approved, you can proceed to place ads on your site.

For the placement of ads on your site, you're allowed to choose where to place the ads. You can opt for automated ads that will discuss later. 

If your site gets approved, Google will start displaying targeted ads on your pages.

Note: Create the ads.txt file for your site. Download the ads.txt provided by Adsense that contains your publisher ID. 

The next step is to upload this file to the root directory of your site. Google sends an alert when there is an issue. You need to fix the issue.

To know more about the ads.txt file, go through Adsense help.

How much can You Earn from Adsense?

This is one of the most difficult questions and no one can answer in a straight way.
Really, it is difficult to estimate. 

And it varies from site to site as the earning depends on multiple factors including the niche, number of visitors, cost per click, click-through rate, etc.

But if you read carefully what I'm going to tell you now, you'll get an idea about it.

When the users visit your website and click on the ads displayed by Google on your site you are eligible to earn for each click. 

Google Adsense usually works CPC (Cost Per Click) basis. The revenue sharing percentage between the publishers and Google is 68% and 32% respectively. This means if the advertiser pays $1 per click, your share of revenue is $ 0.68.

However, for Adsensence for search, publishers will get 51% (instead of 68%)'

Now, you may think that your main task is to increase the number of clicks anyhow. Nope!
You shouldn't click your own ads.  You can't involve your friends, relatives, or acquaintances to click on the ads.

Google has a powerful system to detect and prevent such kinds of fraud. Once it notices any suspicious activity to increase the click, it may suspend your account.

So be careful when you think of maximizing your income. Let the clicks come naturally from the genuine traffic.

In fact, your income depends on two major factors, the CPC and the CTR. CTR is the small percentage of visitors that click on the ads (say 2%, not exactly). 

So, if you need to focus on generating an insane amount of traffic on your site, the number of clicks will be increased so is the earning.

Creating and publishing quality content on your site consistently can increase and engage traffic. Eventually, the number of clicks will be increased naturally.

To understand how to estimate the monthly earning from your site, let us take the following example:

Assumptions (with PPC Niche)-
1. monthly traffic of your site 30000
2. CPC $2 per click
3. CTR is 2%

Number of Clicks = 2% of 30000 =600
Estimated Monthly Earning = $2 x 600 = $1200
Your Share of Earning= 68% of $1200=$816

To enhance the quality of content and increase CTR-

To Improve Search Ranking-

To Boost Organic Traffic to Your Site- 

Automated Ads/Auto Ads

You can select the auto ads option that scans your website and place the ads automatically in the places Google thinks appropriate. 

According to Google, ''Auto ads offer a simple and innovative way to monetize your content''

They use improved technology that helps Google understand the page structure and the existing ads displayed by Google on the page of your site.

Auto ads come with many features and benefits that include -
  • easy to use and control,
  • mobile-friendly,
  • can potentially increase your income.

How to maximize Your Adsense Income

You can increase the ad revenue by following the Best Practices. Strict adherence to the Google Guidelines is important. 

Create content to help people so that they can find ways to solve their problems. This is the best bet to increase and engage traffic to your site that ultimately helps increase CTR (One Of The Income Maximizing Factors). 

Some of the Best Practices are:

  • Create quality content that attracts and engages your readers and ensures a good UX.
  • Link your content to quality and high authority websites and never links to poor websites.
  • Avoid placing too many ads and promotional materials on your content.
  • Don't force your readers to click on ads.
  • Follow Webmaster Guidelines.
  • Don't try to create any kind of artificial click.
  • Adhere to the AdSense Program Policies, failing which  Google may disable your account at any time. So, please read carefully the policies and follow them.
The publishers participating in Adsense should ensure a successful long-term partnership with Google. 

That you can do by following the Adsense Program policies and other relevant rules and Guidelines. Google wants to protect the interests of both the publishers and the advertisers.

You should not publish any restricted content on your site as specified by Google and/or other search engines, including sexual content, shocking content, and explosive content.

You should be honest and responsible to users, advertisers, and Google. Ensure that your sites provide good UX and the site contains a privacy policy.

For monitoring the traffic, use Google Search Console. This is one of the Best free tools provided by Google.

You will find more free SEO tools that can help you boost the performance of your site.

How to get paid

To get payments, you need to submit your bank details. Google pays its share of revenue monthly. 

Once you earn a minimum threshold of $100, Google will send the money into your bank account.

Why do some site owners recommend the alternatives to Adsense?

Some people say that making money from Adsense is difficult and advocate for alternative ads networks. The main reasons for advocating alternative advertising networks are:

  • Site Eligibility

Your site should meet certain eligibility conditions before you can be a partner of Adsense. 

They think because of the tough eligibility conditions getting approval from Adsense is a difficult and time-consuming process.

  • Revenue Sharing  
I mentioned already, as a publisher, you'll receive 68% of the revenue generated from the ads placed on your site by Adsence. But some alternative ad networks offer a higher rate.

The counter-arguments show, you can earn more with Adsense since the higher amount from the advertisers compared to other platforms.

  • Minimum Payout is Higher with Adsence

With Adsense, before you receive a payment, you need to earn a minimum amount of $100. This is higher compared to other networks.

  • Risk Factors

If you go with Adsense, there are certain restrictions on the placement of ads, artificial clicks, and more.
If you violate one or more unintentionally (by mistake), Adsense may disable your account. So there are risk factors associated with Google Adsense.

Despite the above factors, still, Google is the Best.

That's why the majority of the site owners use Adsense for monetizing their site.
If you're a long-term player having the goal of earning passive money from your Blog, think of monetizing it with Google Adsense.

However, I'm not discouraging you considering the other advertising networks.
In fact, there are several reputed advertisement networks in the industry that include, AdTrive, and more.

Opportunities will always be there to select the best alternative in the future. But at this moment, your first preference should the best one- Yes, Google Adsense.

If you want an additional network to runs on your site alongside Adsense, I'll say go for it. That'll provide an additional source of income.

I'll publish a separate post on the topic (Alternatives to Adsense) soon.

Important Adsense Stats

Revenue from Adsense was $15 Billion in 2015, which was equivalent to 23% of the total revenue of Google.

OKO AD MANAGEMENT compiled the following Adsense  statistics:

734000 publishers were removed from Adsense in 2018, as they failed to comply with the quality requirements.

Google pays $10 billion to the publishers as their share of Adsense revenue.

The average cost per click on the Display network $0.63, which means the share of publishers revenue is $0.43 per click.

My personal Experience

In my previous article on Blog Monetization, I've suggested not to think of monetizing your site until it is ready. Although there are some guidelines, Google has not disclosed the metrics.

But from my personal observation and study, I've mentioned certain parameters. I'd like to reiterate the major three of them. 
These are-
  • The age of the site (over 6 months).
  • The number of articles published (50 long-form blog posts)
  • The page views (15000 monthly average).

 If you are a regular reader of techazu, you know that I follow what I teach you. In other words, I do what I say.

 You know Techazu is 7 months old. And the page views of this site in the seventh month alone were 3,44,292

Although the number of posts on the site was less than 50 (32 posts, most of which are long or extra-long), I thought the site ready for the AdSense application. Because of some extra-long content, I considered 32 pieces of content equivalent to 50 long-form pieces.

Based on my personal evaluation, I decided to connect the site with Adsense for monetization. 

Eventually,  I applied for AdSense a few days ago. On May 7, I received confirmation from Google that my site is ''ready''.

 I created ''ads. text'' file and added to the root directory of my site. Then I activated the Auto Ads button.

Through sharing this small experience, I want to send a message - that's you must have patience in the blog profession.

Adsense approval is easy if you know when and how to get it.

Reject all negative statements about AdSense, and focus on tasks to do. You must receive AdSense approval for your site.

Google AdSense Approval-Auto ads-techazu
Auto Ads On - Screenshot of Google Adsense

Final Thoughts

Making money from your blog largely depends on the advertisement, especially when you're not selling any product or service. 

Since its inception, Google AdSense has helped millions of small bloggers make money from their sites. This did not require publishers to find advertisers and interact directly with them.

Apart from the appropriate match of ads on your site, this great platform provides various reports, including earning reports free.

 I'd like to remind you making money with Adsense is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It is the reward of long-term efforts.  You can make money from Adsense only when you can create quality and SEO-friendly content consistently.


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How to Launch a WordPress Blog Now

How to Launch a WordPress Blog Now. This article is the ultimate solution to launch a money-making Blog on WordPress in a moment.  WordPress  dominates the content marketing system with a market share of around 65% . You'll get the right guide on how to start a professional blog on the most popular CMS platform, even if you've zero experience. Trust me,  no programming, coding, and web designing skills are required to start a blog on WP.