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How to Launch a WordPress Blog Now

How to Launch a WordPress Blog Now. This article is the ultimate solution to launch a money-making Blog on WordPress in a moment.  WordPress  dominates the content marketing system with a market share of around 65% . You'll get the right guide on how to start a professional blog on the most popular CMS platform, even if you've zero experience. Trust me,  no programming, coding, and web designing skills are required to start a blog on WP.

How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel (7 Ways)

How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel (7 Ways).

Creating and publishing video content on your YouTube channel can make a regular passive income by monetizing your audience.

YouTube is the 2nd most visited website after Google and the second-largest social media platform next to Facebook. Each day, people watch YouTube videos for over one billion hours.

So your content marketing strategy should include creating and publishing video content to reach out to a wide range of audiences. I'll show you why you should have a strong presence on this platform with useful content.

The statistical data shows:

Logged-in Users
The number of logged-in users who visit YouTube each month is more than 2 billion, and if you consider the visitors without log-in, the number will be much higher.

Daily Watch Hours
The visitors watch over a billion hours of videos daily with billions of views.

Use of Mobile Device
Over 70% of the watch comes from mobile meaning, smartphone users are smarter than desktop users in watching Youtube videos.

Worldwide Network
YouTube has launched the local versions in more than 100 countries and supports navigation in 80 different languages.

Earning Growth of YouTube Channels
The year-on-year growth of YouTube channels that earn 6-figure and 5-figures annually is 40% and 50%, respectively.

The Growth of Channels with over one million Subscribers
The number of channels having more than one million subscribers grew by 65% year on year.

The above facts help you understand the importance of having your YouTube channel. The video content can help you earn a substantial of money.

In the first article of this blog, I taught you How to start a blog that generates Passive Money.

If you already have one or more Youtube channels, that's fine. If not, start now. You can run a channel with or without showing your face. 

And if you don't want to use your voice, still, you can make videos. Yes, there are ways, but this is not the right place to talk more about that.

You'll learn the effective ways of monetizing your channel(s) from this article article. 

And if you don't have one, learn How to start an SEO-friendly Youtube channel.

If you get some pieces of videos viral, your channel will be flooded with subscribers and viewers. This means if you get huge viewers and subscribers to your channel, monetizing will become easy.

YouTube Monetization Methods

What is the meaning of YouTube Monetization?

Monetization of YouTube channel means opening the opportunity to earn money from your Youtube channel using different sources or programs. 

Mostly, successful Youtubers use multiple methods to monetize their videos published on YouTube or other video publishing platforms.

In 2020, YouTube generated a revenue of $19.7 billion, a 30.4% growth year-on-year

What are the different ways of monetizing your Youtube channel?

Like some bloggers, the new YouTubers think that the only idea of making money on youtube is earning through Adsense is. This is a misconception. 

There are several ideas to monetize your video clips published on Youtube. Youtube has launched several methods of monetizing videos uploaded on this great platform.

To enjoy the money-making opportunities offered by Youtube, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Meet the eligibility conditions for monetizations
  • Become a member of the YouTube Partners Program (YPP)
  • Set Up Google Adsense
  • Select different options of monetization offered by YouTube
  • Follow YouTube's monetization policies
  • Create Quality Videos consistently and upload them on YouTube

Now you're going to learn about the Top 7 ways to monetize your videos, including YouTube's own programs.

Some of them are common with the ideas of ''Blog Monetization''. Thus, you can make money from both platforms- Blog and YouTube channel.

 7 Ways of Monetizing your video clips:

1. YouTube Partners Program (YPP)- Revenue from Ads

2. Affiliate Program

3. Channel Membership

4. Super Chat-Super Stickers

5. YouTube Premium

6. YouTube Merchandise Shelf 
7. Selling Products

1.YouTube Partners Program 

One of the most effective ways to earn monetize your videos is YouTube Partners Program or YPP. It allows you to monetize your content on youtube via a built-in monetization program. YPP is the first and perhaps the best choice of all creators.

But there are some eligibility criteria you need to meet before you apply. So, you need to know the eligibility criteria first.

Mainly there are three requirements-
  • 1000 plus subscribers.
  • 4000 watch hours during the last 12 months.
  • Compliance with Youtube's Monetize Policies. 
You have to meet all the requirements. 

1000 subscribers

The requirement of subscribers is straightforward- you need 1000 subscribers, but no time limit is there.

4000 Watch Hours

Some creators confuse with the requirement of watch hours. Getting 4000 watch hours is not enough to meet the criteria. The required watch hours should come within the last 12 months. 

For example- 
Your channel has got 1000 subscribers during the first few months of launching your channel. At the end of 12 months, the total watch hours of your channel is 3990 hours.

In the 13th month, how should you calculate the watch time requirement to become eligible?

Find out the watch hours in the last 11 months to arrive at the amount, meaning start watch time count from the 2nd month. 

In other ways, deduct the first month's watch hours from 3990 to get the watch time requirement in the 13th month.

The process of counting should be continued until you get 4000 hours during a period of consecutive12 months.

The good news is YouTube counts the live streams towards the total.
If you remove a video from your channel, the watch time of that video will also be removed automatically.

 Compliance with Monetize Policies is the most important requirement.

Youtube's Monetize Policies include Community Guidelines, Terms of Services, Copyright Policies, Adsense Program Policies, Advertiser-friendly Content Guidelines, and more.

Once you achieve all the requirements mentioned above, you're eligible to connect your channel with Google Adsense. If your application is accepted after reviewing your channel, you'll be able to run ads within your videos.

The elements they check during the review of your channel include- the main theme of your channel, the most viewed videos, latest uploaded videos, video titles, meta descriptions, thumbnails, etc.

Typically, getting approval may take 30 days as YouTube reviews your channel manually.

Connect Your Channel to Google Adsense Account

In addition to the fulfillment of the above three requirements, you need to link your channel with the Adsense account. If you have an existing account, you can use that.

If you don't have any, set up a new Adsense account.

Before planning to monetize your content, please read all the policies and guidelines, including the updated advertiser-friendly content guidelines and Gaming and monetization articles (April 2021).

Remember, you should continue to meet all the requirements every year if you are inactive for more than 6 months. 

In other words, If you're inactive for 6 months or more, you need to meet the threshold of subscribers and watch hours. Otherwise, YoyTube may remove your channel from their partner program. 

So, uploading videos every month to remain active is the best strategy to avoid re-qualification.

Revenue Sharing of YPP

Once you run ads, you'll start earning for each view and click on the ads. YouTube will pay you 55% of the ad revenue generated on your site and keep the remaining 45%.

Bonus Tips: 

  • Consistency is the key to boost traffic on your channel. The more traffic your channel attracts, the more money you'll make.
  • Use YouTube Analytics to monitor your channel and measure the performance of your videos.
You can use VidlQ as an additional tool. This tool may help you a lot to measure scores and to audit your channel.

Watch the video of Youtube Creator Academy to know more About YPP.

2. Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is a great source of earning money online. The affiliate companies provide you the links associated with the products or services you want to promote. 

The affiliate marketers typically place the links to the appropriate places on their web pages. Affiliate marketing is not limited to text content or to websites or blogs.

Most YouTubers insert the links to their videos published on Youtube or elsewhere. The videos should be related to the affiliate products/services. 

For ''YouTube affiliates'', you can put the links either in the description field or on the video as an annotation. 

When a visitor makes a purchase using the affiliate links, you earn a commission.

If you're a blogger as well as a Vlogger, you can earn money from both platforms. One of the best practices of affiliate marketing is to add a affiliate disclaimer to the content.

Most YouTubers don't rely on a single source of revenue, so they participate in some profitable affiliate program to make more money on Youtube.

There is no requirement to have minimum viewers and subscribers to include an affiliate link to your video clips.

The typical way to integrate affiliate links is to make product review videos. So, when you make a review video, participate in the affiliate program. The vendor of the product will you link, insert the affiliate link to the video.

This will help your audience to buy it if they decide to do it. A product review is the easiest way to integrate an affiliate program.

Putting the links in the description of the video is a common practice. But putting too many affiliate links is not good. It may create a bad user experience. 

Moreover, Youtube likes to keep the viewers on their platform. You're actually redirecting the viewers to the websites of the vendors via inserting too many affiliate links. This may potentially impact the performance of the video.

Bonus Tip:  Embed your video to the related pages on your website.

  •  Youtube Affiliate Marketing Earning Potential 

The earning depends on the sales made through affiliate links. The percentage of commission varies from company to company.

However, you'll enjoy 100% of your affiliate commission. YouTube will not charge anything for using their platform.

To maximize revenue from affiliate marketing, focus on building a strong subscriber base. Affiliate marketing can be successful if you can get huge organic traffic

A solid subscriber base can help boost referral traffic. More the subscribers are, the more will click on your affiliate links

3. Channel Membership Fees

YouTube Channel Membership is a great way to monetize your video content. If you're a part of YPP and looking for more new ways to boost your revenue, this method will work for you.
Channel Membership is an opportunity for the creators to earn some extra money, besides Ads revenue.

Channel Membership means you'll get paid subscribers to your channel. Some of your subscribers would pay you fees for accessing certain special content and exclusive perks.

Exclusive Live Streams, Live chats, Videos created for members-only, custom emojis, loyalty badges, community posts are some examples.

You can offer multiple perks, but all of them must comply with YouTube's Channel Membership Policies. 

According to their guidelines, certain perks are not allowed that include in-person 1:1 meetings, lotteries, contests, and downloading content from YouTube. 

Before going to run YouTube Channel Membership, you should confirm if it is available in your country.

Channel Membership Eligibility Requirements

  • Your age is 18+
  • Your channel is in the YPP
  • The number of subscribers to your channel is 1000 plus
  • Your channel is not set as made for kids
  • You're complying with YouTube terms and policies
  • Your channel doesn't have a significant amount of ineligible videos (including those with copyright claims and set as made for kids).

How to Activate YouTube Channel Membership

  1. Go to YouTube Studio
  2. On the left panel, click ''Monetization''
  3. Click ''Membership'' on the Channel Monetization
  4. Click ''Start'' on the ''Set-Up Your Membership Offer'' panel.
  5. Follow the instructions.

Levels and Pricing

There are different levels of membership associated with the pricing (monthly fees) range of $0.99 to $99.99. 

You can set up to five levels (maximum limit allowed by YouTube) containing 1 to 5 perks each.

Look at the table, for example:

Level        Price         Benefits                             
1              $1,99     Loyalty Badge next to your name when comments                        
2             $3,99     Loyalty Badge + Free Access of premium videos                                          
3             $5,99     Loyalty Badge + Free Access of premium videos + Access to Live stream                       

Additional Efforts Needed to Earn from Channel Membership Fees.

Apart from uploading the normal videos, you need to do some extra work. You have to make ready the perks you offer.

Revenue Sharing: 
You'll get 70% of the ad revenue, and YouTube takes a 30% cut.

4. Super Chat and Super Stickers

Super Chat and Super Stickers are an extended way to boost your income on YouTube if you're a member of YPP.

Eligible creators with a large amount of engaged audience can use Super Chat and Super Stickers monetization when they're in the live stream.

Viewers pay money for buying Super Chat to get their colorful comments pinned on the top of the chat to a Livestream of the creators. 

The duration of the visibility of a comment or message depends on the money they pay. A viewer can pay a maximum limit of $500.

Viewers purchase super stickers to see an animated image in the chat feed during the live stream or premiere.

Super Chat and Super Stickers aren't available for all types of videos. Videos made for kids, age-restricted videos, unlisted and private videos. Live chat should be turned on.

Super Chat & Super Stickers aren't available in almost all geographical locations. You can check the available locations here.

For Turning on Super Chat &  Super Stickers -
  • Go to your Youtube Studio 
  • Find ''Monetization'' on the left panel and click
  • Select ''Live Chat'' on the top menu then hit ''Get Started''
  • Follow the instructions. You'll get a message when the status is ''ON''.

5. YouTube Premium

You can think of earning money from YouTube Premium as an extra revenue stream. YouTube pays some share of the revenue they collect from the premium members to its creator.

Let me tell you something about the features of YouTube Premium.

With a YouTube premium ( formerly YouTube red) subscription, the members can enjoy any video content without ads. They can download videos to watch them offline on mobile and able to play them in the background.

YouTube Premium members can enjoy many benefits that include-

  • Watch countless ad-free videos,
  • Download videos and playlists for watching them offline,
  • Continue playing videos on mobile while using other apps and when the screen of the device is off,
  • Access various Youtube original series, including movies,
  • Avail a free subscription to Youtube Music Premium,
  • Listen to music on Google Home/Chromecast Audio.
The cost of YouTube premium is $11.99 per month, but the charge is applicable after a 30-day free trial.

As YouTube offers excellent perks, the premium subscribers have been growing continuously.

The premium members reached 30 million in 2020, more than 20% growth over the previous year, and a 200% growth during the last 5 years. Here is the growth scenario of  YouTube premium subscribers. Source: BusinessofApps.

The growth indicates that YT premium may have a significant impact on your audience.

Youtube distributes the revenue based on the watch time created by premium members.
Every time the premium subscribers watch your video means your channel contributes something towards the premium watch.

6. YouTube Merchandise Shelf 

Merch self allows you to showcase your branded products on YT, If you're an eligible creator. This shelf appears on the video page of your channel. You can organize the merch self for a specific video and for the entire channel.

Displaying branded products below your video is another stream of revenue on YouTube. The creators can display up to 12 products on a march shelf.

If your channel is well established with a stable community of engaged viewers and followers, then think of selling branded merchandise to earn more money from your YouTube channel.

To avail of the feature of march shelf, your channel should have 10k plus subscribers. 
Here are the eligibility requirements-

  • You have a channel approved for monetization
  • YPP is available in your country
  • Your channel's audience and most of its videos are not set as Made For Kids
  • The number of subscribers to your channel is more than 10000 (music channel exempted)
  • There is no ''Hate speech'' Strike on your channel.

So except for the threshold of subscribers, the other basic requirements are almost similar to the eligibility of YPP.

How to Activate Merch Shelf

If you're eligible, activating Merc shelf is super simple.
  • Visit YouTube Studio
  • Click on monetization then Merchandise ( visible only on eligible channels)
  • Follow the instruction.
Bonus Tip: 
Build a strong relationship with your audience. Sell value-added products at a reasonable price.

7. Selling Products

Selling products with Live Stream is a great way to earn money on youtube. You need to have a large audience who trust you. Trust is the key when you think of selling products with live streams.

The next thing is the selection of products. When your viewers think the product is useful to them, they'll definitely buy.

The products may be a digital course, an Ebook, or a health supplement. If you don't have a product of your own, collaborate with others.

If you are a member of a reputed MLM company, this is a great platform to earn both ways. Build a network of business-minded people and drive the leads to your products. You can design an MLM training course to boost your revenue further.

Watch the video to learn ''Why should you do MLM''.

Final Thought

The great advantage of YouTube is it helps to build your blog. So Blogging and Vlogging work together in the money-making process.

To achieve a long-term money-making goal from YouTube, you need to have a successful audience development strategy. 

Creating amazing videos to engage your audience is a must. Continuous interactions with the viewers and followers can add extra mileage to make them engaged on your channel.

I hope you enjoyed the content. Please share it with others so that they can make money on YouTube.


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