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How to Launch a WordPress Blog Now

How to Launch a WordPress Blog Now. This article is the ultimate solution to launch a money-making Blog on WordPress in a moment.  WordPress  dominates the content marketing system with a market share of around 65% . You'll get the right guide on how to start a professional blog on the most popular CMS platform, even if you've zero experience. Trust me,  no programming, coding, and web designing skills are required to start a blog on WP.

The Best Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts on Facebook

The Best Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts on Facebook.

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world. Leverage Facebook to promote your blog posts to drive crazy traffic to your blog. 

As a blog owner and content marketer, you should know the effective ways of promoting your blog articles on this gigantic social network.

Time and again, I stated that creating killer content is not enough to achieve a blog's success. It needs to promote in the places where your target audience present.

In the present-day environment, your audience spent most of their time on social media, including Facebook.

So, as a blogger and content marketer, you should publish content to establish your presence on the largest social media. Share information related to your business to increase your credibility. 

So, publishing blog post on social media is a great idea. It helps promote your brand by building a long-lasting relationship with millions of users, if not all.

While building an effective content marketing strategy, most bloggers primarily consider social media, with Facebook as the top priority.

If you fail to implement the right strategy for promoting your blog posts on Facebook, the entire effort will go in vain.

This article will guide you to build and implement the perfect strategy to promote your content so that you can drive massive traffic to your website.

Promote your blog post on Facebook

Why Should I Choose Facebook to Promote Blog Posts?

You may ask me why to think of Facebook for promoting blog posts when there are dozens of social networks.

Depending upon your target audience, you may consider multiple social networks but not without FB. This article is mainly to talk about Facebook exclusively. 

Facebook is the oldest (16+ years) social platform and the world's 3rd most visited website after Google and its subsidies YouTube.You'll find the audience from different geographical locations with different demographics and tastes.

Apart from connecting friends and family, it's an established place to communicate business. In the last year, Facebook has launched several new features that include- 
  • live broadcasting from a FB page, 
  • integrating messenger into the page,
  • creating a CTA button for a page, 
  • updating Creator Studio, 
  • updating Watch Party (discontinued from April 2021
  • and more.

According to StatistaFacebook's monthly active users (MAUs) were nearly 2.85 billion as of the first quarter of 2021. There were around 3.45 billion monthly active users who use at least one of its core products (FB, Instagram, Messenger, or Whatsapp).

Because of this massive number of users, you can't ignore this platform while making a content promotion strategy.

You can promote your blog posts without spending a single penny. But if you have a Facebook ads strategy, your post would perform better.

From its inception( February 2004), FB is ruling the ''Social Dunia''. Currently, although there are many competitors, including its subsidiaries, it stands super-strong among them. So, Facebook is the King still today.

Some significant stats would help you understand the importance of having an effective FB marketing strategy.
  • 59% of social media users use Facebook 
  • Over 200 million small business owners use Facebook
  • 86% of US marketers use Facebook ads
  • 65% of Facebook users are young adults.
Source: OBERLO

98.3% of Facebook users (as of Jan 2021) use any kind of mobile device (including tablets), 81% of them use mobile phones ( Statista ).

Top 5 Countries Based On Users as of January 2021 ( Statista )

  Country                           Users
1. India                            320 million
2. U S                               190 million
3. Indonesia                   140 million
4. Brazil                           130 million 
5. Mexico                          93  million 

The above stats is enough to understand why Facebook should be at the top of your social network list.
If you're a newbie in the blogging world, getting traffic to your blog is one of the biggest challenges, especially in the first year. But if you have a strong content marketing strategy, you can overcome it easily.

I guess what you're thinking- investment. Don't worry, I'm not going to tell you to invest money in the ad campaign in the beginning. 

Facebook is a great platform that allows you to promote your blog post in several ways.
And most of them are Free. 

Gradually, you may participate in their ads campaign to push your post to the next level.

How should you harness the power of Facebook? Continue reading.

Here are the effective ways for posting your blog articles on FB-

Facebook Profile

Your Facebook profile is the first place that the public visits to know about you. So, create a professional profile with every information about you and your profession.

Insert the URL of your blog on Your FB Profile. People on Facebook typically check your profile before sending a friend request. When you send a friend request to someone, they also like to check your profile.

When users discover the link to your website, they can arrive at your blog through this link.

Facebook Page

If your website is the Home for the blog posts, the FB page is the Drawing room.  For some businesses, having a Facebook page is similar to having a website.

The good news is creating a page on FB is absolutely free. You need to have a Facebook Profile to Create a Page.

Every month over 1.4 billion users use ''Facebook Group'' ( Sproutsocial )

Each blog post should also be present on your FB page. What I mean to post each piece of the blog post on the FB Page. Let your audience know you're super active.

Facebook Page is a great tool for artists, nonprofits, businesses, brands, organizations, and public figures for connecting their audience and sharing their ideas. If they like or follow your FB Page, they can see every update of your page in their News Feed.

The key benefits of a Facebook page are:
  • It's absolutely free
  • It comes with many features like publishing, messaging, insights, and more.
  • creating and managing a page is quite simple
  • Integrated with free tools
  • You can connect with your followers and customers through the FB Page.

You can post text, links, photos, and videos. Your fans and followers can share your post with their connections.

You can invite new people to your Page so that they know your business. Users get the advantage of liking, commenting, and sharing the content published on your page, so you can easily reach your target audience.

Facebook Page helps build authority and establish your expertise. Creating and managing a Facebook Page helps establish your brand, reach out to a wide range of audiences, and improve organic search. 

It is better to create a Facebook Page once you launch your blog. If you don't have a FB Page, create it now.

How to Create a Facebook Page

If you already a Facebook user, creating a Page for your business is simple. Follow the following steps-
#1. Log in to your FB account.
# 2. Click on ''page'' on the left panel, then create new.
# 3. Provide page information- page name, category, description.
#4. Hit create page.

Congrats! You've created your page. 

Now you can customize your page- Upload a cover photo, provide additional business information, contact details, website address.

Publish content and invite friends to like your page, sharing will be automatic if your content is useful.

Facebook Group

Facebook Group is another space on FB where people with similar interests can interact with them. The main difference between a Facebook Group and a Facebook Page is their accessibility. 

A Facebook page can be accessed by the public regardless of their interest. But for a group, the members should have a common interest.

Based on the privacy setting, Facebook Groups can be divided into categories- Public Groups and Private Groups.

Public Groups: Name of Admins & moderators, Members list, content posted, likes, comments, and shares-everything visible to the public.

Private Groups: The name of Admins & moderators are visible to people on FB, but only members can see the other information. A private group can be of two types-hidden and visible.

People can find visible private groups through search and send a request to join. But approval is required to become a member.

The hidden group is visible to the current members. A non-member can join a hidden group only through an invitation from an existing member.

What kind of group to choose to depend upon the types of your business and the purpose of using the group.

Apart from sharing content, you can use this place to build a community to build a relationship, converting the prospects into customers, supporting your existing customers, and more.

It is a common practice to have a set of rules for a group that you should include in the about section.

You can learn more about the privacy option of Facebook Groups.

Create a Facebook Group with a name related to your niche and promote your Blog Content. As this is a community of a similar mindset, the engagement potential is very high.

Creating Group on Facebook is easy. Follow the below-mentioned steps-

# login to your Facebook account
#On the left panel, click ''Group'' then click ''create new''
#Enter the name of your group
# Select privacy option (better to select public)
# Add few people
# Click ''Create''.


Later, you can customize by uploading a cover photo and Group description.

Promote Your Blog Post to FB Groups and FB Pages Created by Others

Until you get a large number of followers to your FB page or thousands of members to your group, there is no guarantee that your blog posts will reach your target audience.

That's why you need to the followers of other pages and the members of several niche-related groups created by others.

The beauty of this Social network is getting your post in front of the community build by others, but they are your target audience.

Yes, you'll find tons of pages and groups relevant to your industry. You can only post on pages that have allowed the visitors to posts.

You can join a group as an individual or as a brand from your own page. Yes, Face pages can join groups.

Leverage them to promote your blog posts. Before participating in any page or group, you must read the rules.
 You can join up to 6000 groups. Reaching this limit means you can't join a new group unless you leave an existing group.

FB Live 

Facebook live streaming allows you to broadcast a live video through your personal profile or your FB Page.

Take the opportunity of FB Live Streaming to promote your blog posts. Most people think of using live streaming for promoting physical products or for training and education purposes. 

But you can use this feature to promote your blog articles if you know how to do it. Repurpose your blog posts and make them live to your audience.

According to WordStream, Facebook live videos get 3x higher engagement than non-live ones and 5x more engagement than the standard image.

 The Best Time to Post On Facebook 

You should maintain posting consistency. Post your articles at the best time to get more engagement. But knowing the best time is difficult.

 It depends. That's why there is no single best time. Studies suggest different best times for FB posts.

Facebook post best time for bloggers
Facebook Heatmap. Image credit: SproutSource.

According to Sproutsocial, the best times are:

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 9 a.m.–1 p.m.

5. Actionable Steps to make An Effective Content Promotion Strategy on Facebook 

1. Goal Setting

Goal setting is important. This is what you want to get from Facebook during a specific time. The goal of all marketers using this network is not the same. Your goal may be to establish your brand, or to driving traffic, or both.

2. Understand Your FB Audience

Knowing your audience is the next important step. It helps to build the appropriate marketing strategy. Segment your audience by filtering their demographic. 

Use Facebook Page Insight to understand the behavior of your audience.

Try to understand their preferences. Asks their feedback so that you can improve or adjust according to their needs.

3. Posting-Frequency & Consistency 

Consistency matters. Post once a day, preferably at the most engaging time. Avoid posting early morning and late night.

4. Interaction with Fans and Followers

Spend time to interact with the fans and followers. Establish a relationship with your audience. Try to understand their problem and show the best solution. Help them to help you.

5. Facebook Ads Budget

  • Over 10 million advertisers were there on Facebook in the 3rd Quarter of 2020.
  • In the last quarter of 2020, Facebook's ad revenue was $27.2, a growth of  31% over 2019.
Source: Hubspot

To achieve your goal, you may need to boost your post. So, develop your mentality to spend something on Facebook Ads. Millions of brands leverage Facebook ads. 

If you have a long-term goal of earning passive money from your blog, you shouldn't avoid advertising campaigns on FB.

However, a ad campaign on FB doesn't guarantee millions of pageviews overnight. You need to maintain consistency to grow your blog over time.
Spent money to make money with a calculative financial risk. I want to tell you to make a plan for leveraging multiple ways of monetization to maximize your income.

Simultaneously, preplan a small amount to spend on advertising.

Although Pageviews is not considered to get your blog approved by Google AdSense, it 
is an important eligibility requirement for other ads network, aka alternatives to Adsense.

Effective Tactics to Drive Facebook Traffic to Your Blog

Perhaps you've noticed when you paste the URL of your blog post, the link, the Title, and the image are displayed as Facebook pulls them automatically. 

So, before posting your blog's article on Facebook, optimization of these three things are crucial. The success of blog promotion, whether paid or free are depends mostly on them.

The following tips will help you get maxim traffic from Facebook Promotion:

  • Content Summary: Most bloggers just post the URL of blog posts to several groups or pages. It's a great mistake. Write a brief and enticing summary of your blog post within a few sentences to make the entire text visible(without clicking on ''more''.
  • Headline/Title: Use a Compelling Headline or Title of your post. Users decide to click on the URLs after looking at the Headline.  
According to Copyblogger, there is a 80/20 rule of the headline. This means 80% of people read the headline, and 20% will read the rest of the article.
  • Attention-grabbing image: Upload an attractive, big size, high-quality image, then link the text to your blog post. The image should be relevant to your post. A good image can grab the attention of the audience.
Content with images gets 94% more views compared to only text content.
  • Add a question to grab the attention of your readers: Adding a question enhances engagement. It helps understand the valuable ideas of your readers.
  • Use Facebook ads to get a high amount of quality traffic: Facebook Ads help you get new readers, increase your credibility, and enhance search visibility. Although I'm not advocating participating in the Ad campaigns, in the beginning, you should have a budget to achieve your blogging goal.
  • Use irresistible CTA: Use a soft Call-to-Action to tell users the next step. You can use the FB call to action button. The button tells your readers how to take action on your post.

Facebook Community Rules

Before you post your links to FB, you need to read and understand their Community Standards. If any post goes against the Community Standards, Your blog may be banned.

Final Thoughts

Posting your content to Facebook is not the end step to promote your blog and drive traffic. Your engagement with the audience is crucial. 

Engagement includes likes, comments, shares, replies, conversations among the members. High engagement can enhance the visibility of content on Facebook.

Communication with the audience is important. Reply to each comment, ask questions, and let your audience engage with each others surrounding your posts. Get feedback from your readers. Give them what they need.

Your ultimate goal is to get your post shared by each person engaged with your
post. Achieving the goals of creating brand awareness and driving traffic to your blog depends on sharing your content.



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