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How to Launch a WordPress Blog Now

How to Launch a WordPress Blog Now. This article is the ultimate solution to launch a money-making Blog on WordPress in a moment.  WordPress  dominates the content marketing system with a market share of around 65% . You'll get the right guide on how to start a professional blog on the most popular CMS platform, even if you've zero experience. Trust me,  no programming, coding, and web designing skills are required to start a blog on WP.

7 Top Reasons Why Blogging Is Not For You Right Now

7 Top Reasons Why Blogging Is Not For You Right Now

Are you a blogger or planning to start blogging? Did you know that blogging is not for everyone? If not, read this article carefully from beginning to end. In this article, you'll find the irrefutable reasons why blogging is not for you.

Blogging is a great profession. You can earn passive income just by creating few pieces of content and publishing them on the site. Sounds good!

Anything sounds good doesn't mean it will work for you.
My friend is earning $10000/mo from his blog doesn't mean it's for me or it's for you.

Can you tell me what inspires you to start a blog? Probably one or more of the following factors:
  • It generates passive income.
  • It helps reach out to a wider audience.
  • It builds your brand in the digital world.
  • It helps improve your writing ability.
  • It helps improve your skill.
These all are on the one side of a coin. I was also impressed by those factors. But I came to know about the other side of the coin later. Then I discovered blogging isn't for everyone.

In fact, nothing in this world is for everyone. Not even in the digital world. So, it's necessary to test if blogging is right for you. Otherwise, the efforts of years may go into the vein.

When I entered the blogging arena a year ago, I was under house arrest by the Kovid pandemic. ''I will do something online'' - this thought keeps revolving in my mind for a few days. 

Suddenly, the idea of ​​blogging came to my mind. Eventually, in May last year, I started my blogging journey by registering a free domain named Edumedia on Blogspot (Blogger).

On 8th May, I published the first article on that site on freelancer with a disgusting Title of the Post

Recently, I updated that post with a sort and sweet Headline. You can check out here- How to Make Money with Freelancing Jobs.

By this time, I created a YouTube with the same name. On the next very day, I published a video on Kovid-19 in which neither I show my face nor use my voice.

Since then, I emphasize on publishing content on that site and video content on YouTube simultaneously.

By July 2020, I was happy to see 20 blog posts on the blog and many videos on YouTube. In the same month, I bought a domain and convert the free version into a paid one.

What happened in the next month?

I was disappointed when I noticed neither my blog nor any content is ranking in Google. The blog was unable to get organic traffic. I found the reason- Blogging Mistakes

I discovered a lot of mistakes were there because of the lack of knowledge and experience.
I didn't know how to optimize images, how to insert internal and external links, even how to create a good headline.

You might be laughing listen to this story, but that was the turning point.

I asked myself, ''is blogging right for me?''- I got the answer with some Ifs and Buts.

At that time, two option was there  - to kill the blog or to rewrite all posts. But I chose neither of them. I postponed writing on that blog and bought a new domain.

New Domain, New Blog, New Niche with a new strategy-Techazu was born in August 2020.

And you're reading the content on this new blog.

Have you read the story carefully? Perhaps not because it's boring!

You may think it irrelevant to the main topic. Trust me, this is one of the reasons why blogging is not for everyone. 

7 Top Reasons Why Blogging Is Not For You

Here are the 7 Proven Reasons Why You Shouldn't Blog Right Now:

1. You're not a Good Reader 

If you're not a great reader, you can't be a good blogger. Continuous reading is key to update your knowledge. Read the post of other blogs. 

Observe the writing style and formatting of content. Watch the headline of the article you're are reading. Investigate the key SEO elements, especially keywords and links. The content length, statistics used, visual effects are some important areas to learn.

Read the blog comments to understand the feedback of the readers. Leave your comment to add some value if the article is relevant to your industry. 

Making a blog commenting custom on the relevant post on a high authority site is good for SEO. You can gain backlinks through Blog Commenting if done correctly. It helps you build a relationship with other blog owners.

Reading is the only key to improve writing ability. It also helps improve your creativity. Reading other's blog help get new ideas to write blog posts.

If you're not a good reader, blogging is not for you.

2. You want to get everything Free

Go back to reading my story, where I said I started the blog with a free domain and free hosting on Blogspot.

I never thought of spending money on blogging during the initial stage although, my goal was to make money from the blog.

Then why I decided to convert the subdomain into a paid domain after 3 months? Why I spent money on launching Techazu on the first day? Because I remembered the rules of farming all of a sudden.

Having a piece of land is not enough to get profit by farming. To grow paddy in the land, the paddy has to be buried in the ground first. If you want to get potatoes from the land, you have to give the potatoes to the soil first.

So, the law of cultivation is to give first to take something from the land. Give a single piece to get manifolds.

The same rule applies to blogging. Your blog is a piece of land. You want to cultivate money on this land.

And the rule is-

'' To get money from your blog, you need to spend money first''-Techazu.

I hope you understood what I meant to say. 

To make money from a blog, you should stop the temptation to start with a free ''subdomain''. That's the answer to why I spent money on buying the domain of Techazu on the first day.

However, If blogging is your hobby, then no problem with free stuff. I mean, if you don't want money from your blog, you can expect everything free to grow your site. 

You can choose Blogspot (Blogger) as it provides you a free domain and hosting. If you want to have more options, check out 10 Best Free Blogging Sites.

I'll provide you more free stuff to support you. Here you'll find Free SEO Tools

Even if you want to promote your blog posts, social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Quora, and more platforms are there. Remember to read the community guidelines of each platform before posting. A violation of guidelines may cause your account banned. 

For example, in Quora, you're not allowed to promote the URL of your blog directly. But you can insert a link relevant to the answer you write.

You can also use tools for analyzing traffic and the performance of your blog, like Google Search Console, New Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager. Every piece of stuff is absolutely FREE.

I also use these resources but don't expect everything free of cost. I spent money to grow my blogs as I want to cultivate money on them.

The takeaway of this section is building a money-making blog is not for you unless you want to spend money.

3. You want to get a Quick Success

In the journey towards success, there is no shortcut and no hurry. And blogging isn't a getting-quick rich scheme. It's an uphill business to build. 

If you start from scratch, a bunch of things you need to learn in the initial stage. The naming, designing, copywriting, SEO, promoting, branding, monetizing, and a lot more you have to learn.

So, if you invest 2-3 hours a day, the first year is the learning phase. You could manage it somehow by spending more time learning like me. 

After gaining adequate knowledge and experience, you have to implement them in your blogging business.

How long your blog takes to start earning depends on how long it takes to build thousands of loyal readers. There are no hard and first rules. 

But logically, I can say, to expect to be rich in the first year is a definite step to set yourself up for frustration. You can't expect a full-time living from blogging unless you allow 1-2 years to grow your blog.

Many successful blogs today didn't earn a significant amount in the year of launching their blog. Some of them didn't see even a dollar in the first year.

Every blogger has achieved success through relentless hard work, a lot of sweat, and tears.

I'm not preventing to apply for getting the approval of Google Adsense in the first year. But you don't get adequate pageviews, you won't be able to earn money to buy a cup of coffee.

Reminding you the rules of farming. Blogging is like a plantation of mango. To get the mango from the trees you planted, you need to wait for years. 

The mango trees give you fruits every year. They're not going to die soon like paddy or potato plants.

So, blogging is not for you if you have a hurry to get rich. 

4. You don't want to be failed

According to research, around 63 million new blogs will be created this year. But over 50 million will fail in the next 18 months, which comes around 80%. (Source: Astutecopyblogging)

This means 80% of the newly created blogs will fail, and they're not going to survive. 

I'm not worried about the statistics since I know the failure rate in other industries is much higher. According to FAILORY, 90% of the new business fail.
So, 80% of blogs will fail doesn't mean blogging is going to end. Moreover, these bloggers don't treat their blogs as a business. They don't believe that ''Failure is the pillar of Success''.

I'd be talking about the remaining 20%. They know the secret behind success. They know how to turn failure into success.
If you're afraid to be failed blogging is not for you. Try to find out the reasons for failure. 

What happened in my case? I failed because of a lot of mistakes, and I identified them. Many may think it failed, but I don't believe it. The game is not yet over. Losing a match does not mean losing the whole tournament.

That blog is still active. I've been updating the content one after one slowly and publishing 1-2 new articles every month. I observed the overall health of that blog is improving. This means the failure is gradually turning into success.

Failure is part of success. That is why it is important to know the rules of success as well as the rules of failure to achieve success.

Failure is a temporary defeat to achieve permanent success. You need to accept those temporary failures for turning them into success in the long term. 

5. You have a paucity of Time

Time is a God-gifted thinks that has been distributed to all people equally- 24 hours each day. No matter if you're poor or rich, young or old, short or long, black or white, male or female-you have exactly 24 hours/day.

No one has got more or less than 24 hours daily in this world. But many people say, ''I don't have time''. 

If everyone has 24 hours a day, why some people say that they don't have time? They know better than me.

''Time is money''- I don't know who said it. The hard truth is to earn more money, you're not going to get more time beyond 24 hours. 

It is not how much time you have. How you spend your time that matters. Time is money but not always. You need to earn money by leveraging time.

Once, I have invited two of my friends to attend a health seminar. In fact, they're two brothers.

The elder brother, who runs a chain of confectionery shops, was present at the seminar. But the younger one, who is the owner of a shop, couldn't attend. 

Later I asked the younger brother about the reason for his absence. He said, ''I didn't have time''. Although the size of the business was smaller than his elder brother, he didn't get time.

Why? Why many people say ''I don't have time''? I discovered the answer in an online article by Robert Kiyosaki, the great writer of the best-selling book ''Rich Dad Poor Dad''.

Robert says it ''The Rat Race'' of trading time. They trade time for money. That's why they have no time. Unfortunately, they don't have enough money too.

They have neither enough money nor enough time to earn money. Still, they run because they believe there is no way to escape. Robert shows the way to Escape the Rat Race.

So, you have to escape the rat race for blogging. If you still want to say, blogging is not for you.

6. You have a Lack of patience

Getting success in any field requires patience. There is no exception in blogging. To achieve the goals of blogging, you need to have a lot of patience. The hard works combined with patience and determination make you a blogging hero.

Blogging is a business that involved several steps. Site designing, copywriting, SEO, content marketing, traffic generation, monetization, site auditing, and performance analysis-patience is required in every step.

The patience of a blogger helps to stay consistent in working without expecting immediate results.

Patient people look for reasons why they do not get the expected results. They find out the mistakes and finds a way to correct them.

Impatient bloggers quit blogging when they face difficulties, such as non-visibility of the content on SERPs, a poor amount of traffic, unexpectedly low earning, etc.

Impatience leads to inconsistencies and wrong decisions. So, blogging is not for you till you're impatient.

7. You don't have a Goal

The goal is the first thing I put in the last so that you concentrate on it. Having a written goal is important for achieving anything. A goal states the intent and provides the direction of your blogging journey.

The blogging goals guide you to create the right content and help promotes your content on the right platform to reach the right audience. So, defining the goal is of utmost importance in blogging. The Goals tell you where you want to go and how to reach the destination.

No matter if blog writing is or hard, it should be directed by the pre-set goals. It is important to break down the principal Goal into different sub-goals like goals creating and publishing content, content promotion, advertising goals, traffic goals, and so on.

Blogging is not for you if you don't have any bogging goal, 

Final Thoughts

Blogging is much more than writing content. To be a successful blogger, you need to meet the above qualities. If you fail to meet qualities here, you need to focus on accomplishing them.

Start with defining your blogging goals. Improve patience, reading habits, and other qualifying factors required to become a successful blogger.

Develop an attitude of winning, Don't give up. And say with confidence that you're a qualifier and blogging is for you.



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