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How to Launch a WordPress Blog Now

How to Launch a WordPress Blog Now. This article is the ultimate solution to launch a money-making Blog on WordPress in a moment.  WordPress  dominates the content marketing system with a market share of around 65% . You'll get the right guide on how to start a professional blog on the most popular CMS platform, even if you've zero experience. Trust me,  no programming, coding, and web designing skills are required to start a blog on WP.

Quora: Grow Your Blog with this Great QnA Platform

Quora: Grow Your Blog with this Great QnA Platform.

Choosing the right platforms to grow your blog's traffic is difficult. If you're struggling to select platforms that provide the best opportunities for your blog, I'd recommend your presence on Quora.

Yes, Quora is a great platform to reach out to a wider audience regardless of your blogging niche. Whatever may be your target audience, not only you'll find them but with high-quality. That's why millions of professional content marketers spent time here.

In this article, you'll find-

  • What Quora is about
  • Why should you choose Quora as part of your social media strategy
  • 7 irresistible benefits of Quora with statistics
  • How to create an account with Quora
  • What Spaces in Quora and how to use it to grow your blog
  • And more.

What is Quora?

Grow Your Blog with Quora

Quora is the largest QnA website founded by two former Facebook employees Adam D'Angelo and Charlie Cheever in June 2009. 

I repeat the term "QnA" which means Question and Answer. So, the two important ingredients of Quora content are-

  • Questions
  • Answers
People ask questions they have in their minds. Content writers are present there to answers the questions on different topics.

But, a deep dive into Quora would help you uncover that it is more than Question & Answer.

This is a unique platform on which you can share your knowledge and ideas to build your brand. You can ask questions to get answers from others, post the answers to the questions asked by the users, and gain upvotes, comments, and shares. 

Why should you choose Quora?

Despite the existence of several social networks, you can't skip Quora because of the following reasons:

Effective Strategy: Having your presence in a QnA platform is an integral part of an effective content marketing strategy. Quora is the biggest and fastest-growing Q & A platform.

Enormous Topic Coverage: Quora has 55 million pages with over 400,000 topics. But, Dlvirit finds Quora contains 500,000 subjects. This massive amount of topic coverage encourages me to find content ideas from this unique platform.

The top 10 viewed (followed) topics on Quora in 2021

  1. Tecnology- 88.3 million followers
  2. Movies - 80.4 million followers
  3. Health - 75.6 million followers
  4. Food - 73.7 million followers
  5. Science - 71.7 million followers
  6. Music - 48.9 million followers
  7. Books - 45.9 million followers
  8. Visiting and Traveling - 54.1 million followers
  9. Business - 38.1 million followers
  10. Psychology - 47.9 million followers

Source: Quora

High-Quality Audience: Over 300 million people use Quora every month, most of them are highly educated. 65% of users have a college degree, and 28% of users have a graduate degree. Furthermore,54% of Quora users earn over $100,000 annually. 

Source: Quora for Business

Evergreen Content:  Every piece of content is evergreen in Quora. Your content will not go to the archive. This means, all your answers are visible on Quora for present and future audiences.

Users Intent: With Quora, you can easily identify the users' intent. You can position your content as per the intent of your target audience. Delivering the right content to the right audience is the key to success in content marketing.

Worldwide Presence: Quora is available worldwide and it supports 24 languages.

As of May 2021, most visitors come from the US, followed by India. Here are the Top 5 countries where Quora gets the most traffic. Source: SimilarWeb 

  1. United States- 38.26%
  2. India-17.26%
  3. United Kingdom- 6.12%
  4. Canada- 4.64%
  5. Australia- 2.72%

Unfortunately, Quora is still underutilized, although it has tremendous potential to grow your blog and improve content marketing strategy. So, underestimating Quora is a common blogging mistake.  

Quora is a knowledge hub. Ask Quora what you want to know and share with others what you actually know.

You understood why you consider Quora as a part of your social media strategy.

Now let you know the key benefits of quora that you can grab and enjoy as a blogger.

7 Incredible Benefits You Can Enjoy Using Quora

7 Benefits of Quora a blogger can enjoy

1. Brand Establishment

Quora community trusts the platform as reliable information that provides the opportunity to establish your brand. 

Engage with the highly qualified audience by replying to their questions. Gradually your brand will get a reputation with an effective conversation with the audience.

The top-ranked brands on the basis of followers (HuffPost):

  1.     Google        115.3K  followers
  2.     Starbucks     81.6K  followers
  3.     Amazon        72.3K followers
  4.     Coca-cola     64.8K followers
  5.     Intel              51.4K followers
  6.     Apple            51.1K followers
  7.     Red Bull       46.8K followers
  8.     Microsoft    36.8K followers
  9.     Walmart     36.4K followers
  10.     McDonald’s 36.0K followers.
Use Quora to build your brand and establish your overall authority.

2.Thought Leadership

Thought leadership in content marketing is a strategy to craft content that establishes you as an expert in your industry. The purpose is to provide valuable information in response to the queries of your target audience.

Use Quora to answer questions that are relevant to your niche and expertise. By answering diverse questions on a specific topic, you can easily establish thought leadership on this platform.

To achieve the goal of becoming a thought leader on Quora-

  • Find the unanswered questions and provide awesome answers
  • Find the missing information on the answers provided and put additional useful information
  • Focus on what you know and demonstrate your area of expertise.

3. Content Creating Ideas

If you're a regular blogger blogging for your living, publishing interesting, useful, unique contentment consistently should your first priority. But getting regularly brainstorming content ideas might be challenging.

Quora is the right platform to discover content ideas that its users are interested in or desirous to read about. 

So use this goldmine to find out the trending hot topics. Review the questions and answers around the topic, and turn them into Long-form Blog Content with Magnetic Headlines.

Following different interesting topics relevant to your blogging niche is one way to find new content ideas.

Another great way to discover new blog post ideas is to follow multiple ''spaces'' relevant to your blog. Don't worry if you're not familiar with ''Spaces''. 

This is the space on Quora where you can start microblogging or post your repurposed blog content, similar to Facebook pages. I'll let you know more about "spaces" after a while.

4. Drive Traffic

Every blogger wants organic traffic to their blogs, But driving traffic is one of the biggest challenges for new bloggers. Reaching out to a new audience is a good idea to get more traffic.

Using Quora, you can drive a massive amount of quality traffic each month. If you run a quora account, there are three potential ways to drive traffic to your site-

  • By displaying your Website within the credential visible above your answer, 
  • By linking to your website within your profile section,
  • By inviting users to visit your site to gain more knowledge via linking back to the related page.

Driving traffic to your blog from Quora is primarily dependent upon the quality of your answers or the content you create to post on quora. 

Tips on how to create Quora answers-

  • Use simple language to write answers with a conversational tone with emotional attachment.
  • Write concisely using multiple paragraphs and points like list articles.
  • Don't be over promotional. Link your answers to your web pages if it's relevant and necessary to help your readers. Don't insert multiple links in an answer. Don't insert a link to every answer.
  • Don't promote any product or any affiliate link.
  • Be consistent in posting content on Quora.

5. Improve Writing Skill

To become a successful blogger, you should have an outstanding writing ability unless you want to hire someone for writing.

Quora gives an opportunity of writing answers to several questions on the same topic. The users ask tons of questions using the words what, why, which, how, and more.

Writing answers to interesting niche-related questions daily can make you a writing expert on your favorite topics. 

Apart from writing, you can read the answers provided by others. All successful content writers are good readers.

So making a habit of reading and writing answers on Quora regularly help improve your writing skill. Gaining upvotes is an extra bonus. If you daily spent some time on Quora, you'll get a manifold return.

6. Research tools

Quora is a great Free SEO and research tool. Quora plays a research tool when you use it to research topics. Deciding upon how hot a topic or a question is, you should consider the number of answers posted on the topic, upvotes, shares, comments, etc.

Quora enhances the search engine visibility of your website via the answers you published. You might have noticed Quora answers as a search result of Google on its first page.

You can use it as a Keyword Research tool for your blog. If you want to find some long-tail keywords, leverage Quora.

You can follow specific topics or spaces to spy on your competitor. Knowing the competitor's strategy is an important part of content marketing strategy.

7. Connect with Influencers

Using Quora, you can connect with influencers within your industry and beyond, having a massive amount of followers. Content marketers connect with the influencers to boost brand awareness and credibility.

The first step to achieve success in influencer marketing is to find the right influencers. You may not have a plan to carry out an influencer marketing campaign or appoint a brand ambassador. 

But connecting with social media influencers is a great idea as it can bring higher engagement. Like any other social media, Quora has a large number of influencers.

Here is a list of the top 10 Quora influencers (Source: Bloggerspassion)

         Name of Influencers    Number of Followers
  1.     Balaji Viswanathan    506,411
  2.     Adam D’Angelo          398,595  ( the CEO of Quora)
  3.     Jimmy Wales               376,204 
  4.     Richard Muller            272,311
  5.     Robert Frost                249,869
  6.     Awdhesh Singh           249,786
  7.     James Altucher            236,661
  8.     Roman Saini                206,852 
  9.     Justin Trudeau            192,281 
  10.     Dushka Zapata           187,644
If you're interested in connecting them, type their name in the search bar of Quora. Read the profile and some posts before following one.

Engage with them by making comments on their posts or by answering the question they asked.

How can I create my account on Quora?

The first good news is Quora allows creating your account Free. 

And the next good news is creating an account with Quora is simple.

  • Provide your email number and create a password, or
  • Sign up with your Google/Facebook account.
After signing up, create/edit your profile by providing important information about you. Add a profile photo so that they can identify you easily. 

Write a short and impactful bio. It helps establish your credibility. Finally, link your profile to your website.

Let your audience and Quora know who you are. Tell them about your educational qualifications, profession, experience, area of interest, and more. 

 Quora "Spaces" 

''Spaces'' is a new feature that replaces ''Quora Blog. Your Space on quora allows you to build communities of similar interest. Space provides an opportunity to create content around specific topics.

This is a place for people to talk about a common topic. It helps to organize your content.
The good news is you can create multiple spaces to discuss multiple topics. 

Space is the right place to promote your blog posts. Repurpose your blog posts and distribute them to your Quora Space with a link back to your site. You can share other's content in your space if you think it can add more value.

The ultimate aim of creating a space is to contribute content to boost the engagement of your followers on the space.

How to create a Space on Quora?
It is super simple! Easier than opening a Facebook page.

Make sure the ''Spaces'' tab is on. (Quora don't allow all users to access this feature).

Quora spaces to promote your content

Now, click on the '' +'' sign, a box will appear.
Name your space (topic)
Enter your headline and a single-line description.

Post contextual content and invite people to comment and share.

Interact with your followers regularly and reply to their questions. If your followers are impressed by your posts, definitely they'll share them with others.

The bottom line on ''Spaces'': Grab the opportunity to establish your brand by reaching out to a wide range of new audiences.

Quora has separate Guidelines for Spaces that you should read carefully. Quora will remove your space name, descriptions, icons, cover photo, or content published on space if they violate the Guidelines. Repeated violations may result in the removal of your space.

Is Quora a Search Engine?

Quora is not considered a search engine but within the platform, it works like a search engine. 

 But Google and other search engines show the content of Quora on the result pages. 

So if you post high-quality answers consistently on Quora, your content is likely to appear on the search result pages of Google.

How to use Quora is up to you. You can use It as a question-answer platform, social media, research tool, and search engine.

Is Quora helps to rank your blog?

It is a controversial topic. Some say link building with Quora is a white hat SEO practice, some say it's spam, like profile link building.

From the SEO perspective, Quora links have no direct value. The links of Quora are '' no-follow'' which means they are not able to pass link juice to your site. 

 But it helps to build the authority of your website. Further, the traffic fetched from Quora helps improve the SEO and ranking of your site. So there is an indirect impact of Quora on your ranking.

According to Search Engine Journal-

The practice of using Quora for link building is essentially the same strategy for forum spamming and profile link spamming.

Getting backlinks from Quora is similar to forum link building, but Google never says that it ignores nofollow Quora links. 

So considering all aspects of the Quora link building, it can be concluded that Quora helps to rank your blog indirectly by improving the metrics.

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Final Thoughts

With Quora, you can establish your expertise, authority, and trust (EAT), drive traffic to your blog, and other benefits mentioned in this content. So, It's a useful resource to grow your blog.

So, if your question is ''should I leverage Quora for the growth of my blog?''-The short answer is Yes. Use this great platform as a resource for your blogging.

The last thing I'd like to mention that you should follow the Policies and Guidelines of Quora. Serious violation of Guidelines can lead to your account being banned.


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