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About Techazu

📕 Tech means technology and Azu is my nickname.

📕  Techazu is committed to guiding those who have just entered into the blogging career. Perhaps, you are thinking as you can write well, your blog will automatically run successfully. That's a great misconception.

📕 You did not create the blog to read your content by yourself. Where millions of articles are being posted every day, how does internet users know that you have posted something in a blog? It's Google to play the roles.

 📕 The job of search engines is to inform internet users about the content of your blog. Google is the world's largest search engine. When you search on a topic on Google, you may have noticed that only a few of the millions of results on that topic are displayed on the first page as search results.

📕 These are the search engine's favorite articles. So the first thing to do is to make your site Google's favorite. Then, write your articles according to Google's preferences[that's ultimately preferences of readers].

 📕 If you don't know how to write a Blog Title, Description, and Metatag correctly, ranking your blog would be next to impossible. 

📕 You need to be master on the search for keywords, white hat SEO, link juice, do follow backlink, etc. otherwise, you won't get readers for reading articles on your site. Because the search engines won't present your content in front of internet users. 

📕 Techazu was born to guide you on all those matters. It will show the way to solve all the problems related to blogs and Youtube. Techazu is the Ultimate Solution to Blogger and You tuber. Just a few hours before techazu was born, this is your junior or peer. Make it your friend, stay with it, win together.

About A R Mollah

A R MOLLAH, thounder of techazu


👴My Name is A.R.Mollah, who came into the world of blogging and youtube from a commerce background.

👴Educational Qualification-Master in commerce, Cost And Management Accountant (M, Com, ICWA).

👴Basically, I'm a marketing professional having rich experience in the direct marketing field in the Wellness Industry. Besides health care products, I dealt with home care, personal care, and other products, both offline and the online environment. Presently working with a Multinational Company and promoting business in India and Bangladesh.

 👴I won many excellent awards for my outstanding contribution to the growth and development of the company. I have been playing important roles as leader, motivator, and coach of a big team of over 100000, which I built during the last 16 years. 

👴 Recently I acquired extensive knowledge in the fields of digital marketing and web designing. Last but not the least, I am a blogger and YouTuber. 

👴Despite the background of accounting, the main reason for diversification is to adapt to the rapid changes in the world. I believe that ''who can predict the future and change himself with future trends, God gives him the license to brighten his future''.

👴If you have any queries regarding the site, advertisement, or any other issue, please feel free to contact me at


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