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How to Launch a WordPress Blog Now

How to Launch a WordPress Blog Now. This article is the ultimate solution to launch a money-making Blog on WordPress in a moment.  WordPress  dominates the content marketing system with a market share of around 65% . You'll get the right guide on how to start a professional blog on the most popular CMS platform, even if you've zero experience. Trust me,  no programming, coding, and web designing skills are required to start a blog on WP.

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Blog Commenting: Create Do Follow Backlinks Every Minute

Blog Commenting: Create Do-Follow Backlinks Every Minute. Blog commenting  is one of the components of  off-page SEO . This creates backlinks that help to rank your web pages and site. So you've got a basic idea of what blog commenting is all about. Blog Commenting on do-follow sites. Image credit-Pixabay Without going into the meaning of blog commenting, I'd like to enrich this article with its methodological aspects.  Blog commenting is one of the easiest ways to create backlinks. What is a backlink? A backlink is a hyperlink of your website or any page of it that is present to another website. When you comment on the page of another blog, you are submitting the URL.  If the blog owner approves your comment, it will be displayed along with the link you've created. As a newbie, you may surprise if I ask about the attribute (Rel value) of the link. Rel value is important. It tells you what benefits you will get from this backlink. Often, it is referred to as

SEO Guide for Beginners#Amazing Tips, Best Practices

SEO Guide for Beginners#Amazing Tips, Best Practices. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an important task for every webmaster. This article is meant for beginners who are unfamiliar with SEO.  Search Engine Optimization is a process intended to improve the positioning of websites/pages on search engine results pages (SERPs). If you own a blog and want to run with a strict budget, the decision to hire an SEO expert to optimize your site would be a crazy move.  This article aims to guide you through the best practices to follow webmaster guidelines so that you can become a Savvy SEO expert. SEO Guide for New Bloggers. Image credit-Pixabay You're familiar with many of the essential SEO elements of your web page, such as domain optimization, headline, meta description, keyword research, and placement that I've discussed in my previous posts.  Content optimization, including different aspects of image SEO, is now under your grip. Learn here how to start an SEO-friendly Youtube ch

Keyword Research Guide for Bloggers and YouTubers

Keyword Research Guide for Bloggers and YouTubers. Keyword research is an essential job for every SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Practitioners. Techazu's guide for  Bloggers & YouTubers in this article will help create high-quality content with the appropriate use of keywords .  Keyword research guide. Image credit Pixabay Keyword research is the process of discovering and analyzing the search phrases of internet users in different search engines.  It helps to find a specific keyword that you want to rank for on the result pages of leading search engines like Google and YouTube.  But finding an effective free keyword research tool is difficult for the new bloggers. Most of the free tools won't provide you the search volume, which you have to manage in other ways. Launching a Blog or YouTube Channel starts with a keyword research plan to include the right keywords in the URLs.  Keyword research is an important part of content marketing.  Apart from Google keywords, you